Building your future?  Real estate can help.

Professional service

When you’re considering renting a space, there are many factors to consider.  What terms should you ask for?  What buildout will you need to do?  What’s more important: visibility, price, or neighboring tenants?

We have extensive experience in representing tenants, from mom-and-pop businesses to national chains.  That means that we can help you navigate through the process, from exploring your options to finding the vendors that are right for you.

Buying real estate can be a good investment—but a lot depends on doing it at the right time and for the right price.  Commercial real estate is becoming increasingly complex as well, as prospective buyers must consider everything from utility connections to environmental issues.

We’ve represented buyers in a wide variety of projects, from finding the perfect distribution center to locating the right land for a major apartment development.

Owning an investment property is often quite profitable, but vacancies can eat into those profits.  Empty space still costs money and makes no return.  In addition, rental rates fluctuate, and it’s important to be competitive without undercutting yourself.

Since our agents are heavily engaged with the local business community, we’re well placed to help you find the right tenant for your building.  In addition, since we use a number of online services to advertise properties and to keep an eye on the local market, we can help you determine whether an asking price that’s appropriate to your area.

Whether you want to ‘cash out’ or buy another property, you’ll want to get the best price possible for your property.  Pricing is crucial; if you set the price too high, the property may not sell, but if you set it too low, you’re leaving money on the table.  But marketing is crucial as well.

In addition to our local connections, we are highly active in the online arena, including on social media and on multiple listing websites.  This lets us get your listing in front of as many people as possible to give it the best chance of selling quickly at the right price.