Taco JED

Dylan Carty had the opportunity of meeting Steve Dunn the owner of Taco Jed in September of 2017. Steve had been looking for locations in Rochester, Mankato, St cloud, and Duluth to start his new concept taco restaurant. Steve was not from Rochester and had minimal market knowledge but he had built successful restaurant concepts before so he knew what he was looking for. Steve has always joked with Dylan that he picked him to help him find his location because he is a big Bob Dylan fan and it just made sense given his name. Steve and Dylan spent a lot of time together identifying locations and putting together market data before Steve selected Rochester as the site for his 1st location. In October of 2018, Steve opened Taco Jed at 808 S Broadway. Anyone who knows Steve knows he is very active in the restaurant and loves his customers like family and his broker is no different! Steve and Dylan remain good friends and are always in talks about future growth and possible expansion for Taco Jed!