Omega Exteriors expanded into the Rochester market in April, and it’s been gangbusters ever since. The roofing company has 50 customers, its general manager said.

“We haven’t spent a lot on marketing because our customer process develops a lot of referrals. I think that’s what sets us apart from other roofing companies,” said Nate Glynn, general manager of Omega Exteriors. 

Omega Exteriors has an office in downtown Rochester, but its two employees operate from their trucks primarily, Glynn said. He’s looking to add another four to five positions.

In the Cities, Omega Exteriors has 31 employees, showcasing its success.

“We’re on the road a lot,” Glynn said. “As I develop this market and fill other positions, I will be managing more from the office. I won’t be needed in the field as much, as office and field training should be 50/50.”

They’ll make a hard push until Thanksgiving in this market, and will then start scheduling roofing jobs for the spring of 2024. For siding and windows, they go a bit later and start earlier too.

Glynn says he’s always been in business. As a kid, he didn’t “dream of being a roofer” but when the opportunity came his way, he accepted and didn’t look back.

“It’s relatively easy to become educated and have a process to help a customer understand,” he said, “and feel OK moving forward. A lot of items, just showing up on the day you’re supposed to and returning phone calls is all you need to set yourself apart.”

Siding and window improvements offer more “curb appeal,” he said, but the roof is key.

“Omega focuses on restoration for hail and wind damage and our ability to help navigate the insurance process is appreciated,” he said. “I find we care more about people’s roofs than they do until we can sit down and educate them. It protects everything you’ve got.”

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