Hello Everyone! Nathan here, I'm Realty Growth Incorporated's new marketing associate! I'm so excited to be here writing this blog for you! 


This is my first official blog and the first for the office that will be releasing monthly. So bare with us as we get things moving, but eventually, we will be moving full speed ahead and updating this blog as often as possible. 

A little bit more about me and what I will be doing for the company is that I am a Rochester native who has been doing photography and videography since 2016 at Mayo HS. I am 22 years old and I'm a part of a group of quadruplets so that means I have 3 other siblings (twin sisters and a fraternal twin brother) In my free time I like to travel, cook, listen to music and read. Growing up I was big into sports especially baseball and basketball. After getting hurt multiple times in middle school and high school I decided that my passion for photography was what I wanted to pursue in life because sports went going to be something I did for the rest of my life. 

When I'm not working in the office or out in the field creating content I am usually at my desk editing photos or videos for social media. Or working on my phone brainstorming or working on other ways to expand our market and our network. Also researching, reading, and sharing news and information with others about what I know or see happening in town as far as small businesses and entertainment. If I'm not working or 

Some things that I will be doing for Realty Growth Incorporated are daily/weekly posts on multiple social media platforms. On top of creating content, I will be posting and updating our listing sites and creating a monthly newsletter. Once we have a groundwork laid out we plan on creating lots of unique and personalized content for all our staff at Realty Growth Incorporated. We plan on creating educational and informal content to teach others about the industry and community that revolves around building and growing from the foundation and everything above it. Each month in our newsletter we will be highlighting a theme or topics that we are knowledgeable on and going into detail on the ins and outs of Commercial and Residential real estate. Before the monthly newsletter is sent out we will be sending a good morning newsletter from one of our staff offering insight and what we see in the coming weeks and months in the market and our growth at Realty Growth Incorporated.