Real Deals

Bucky Beeman and Dylan Carty met Ashley and Andrew early on in their entrepreneurial journey. They had an idea to open a store called "Real Deals" which had been run in other states across the Midwest. Ashley was extremely excited to bring this store to Rochester. The Design District of Rochester is where we helped them get a location after looking around and coming back to this space multiple times. The affordability of an old warehouse and being close to other businesses of scale was the deciding factor. Never could we have guessed that Ashley would be this busy and successful in such a short time. Ashley shared that there were many hurdles and roadblocks such as road construction, COVID-19 while getting into business, but overall she has enjoyed it despite having many obstacles early on. Social media live streams were how she combated the issues and made sales while people were at home and not working during the pandemic. These live streams built a community and fanbase through Facebook and Instagram where people could communicate about what products they should buy and why. These online supporters helped Ashley grow to the point where she reached out to Bucky and Dylan with a huge vision that she had for a new location. After a short time and lots of negotiation, they secured a piece of land for a fair deal. At this current moment, Ashley is talking to general contractors and architects to get ready to turn dirt on the new store location. They will be leaving the store on 6th Ave and this site will be for lease and hopefully a springboard for another small business into the community. Come next spring or summer Ashley will have a brand new beautiful store to provide great products to the community. We are so thankful to have the opportunity to work with Ashley and Andrew to get to the next level of business. We are fortunate that they have decided that we are the best firm for them to work with.