It isn’t just garage floors.

Justin Cady, owner and founder of Paveman Coatings in Rochester, said they go far beyond garage floors with their work. The business launched in 2016 and has seen growth since.

The business has a staff of four led by Cady, who grew up in Rushford and now lives in Chatfield. Out of high school he focused on automotive work, and later did pest control.

“You name it, I’ve done it,” Cady said.

He finally found his home with Paveman Coatings and started in March of 2016 as Paveman Designs LLC. He later rebranded as Paveman Coatings.

Cady’s story is an interesting one, as he never saw himself as a business owner.

“I always had a knack for finding out where people came from,” he said. “I always thought there were better ways of doing things, as well as treating people and employees.”

“I always thought I would do something on my own. The business world fascinated me.”

From research, Cady knew there was an opening in the world of concrete beautification.

“I knew I could do things differently and provide better customer service,” he said. “That’s my knack, and why I decided to start Paveman Coatings.”

He realizes that his services aren’t a necessity for home owners, and likens his work to landscaping. “Everyone loves having their lawn landscaped,” he said. “We’re a want.”

Watching a project go from start to finish, and to the customer using their rehabbed space again, is the most rewarding part of what he does, Cady says, as well as fostering growth among his team. “Seeing them grow and learn, those light bulbs come on. It’s rewarding,” he said.

Though their current focus is on residential concrete jobs, Paveman is expanding to the commercial and municipality markets as well, Cady said.

His five-year plan is for growth into other markets, including the southern portion of the Twin Cities, Owatonna, Faribault, La Crosse and the Northfield markets.

“Ultimately we want to be able to serve all of those communities as best as we can,” he said.

Cady doesn’t gauge success by sales figures or number of customers. Rather, he focuses on the quality of the service customers receive and offering a rich customer experience.

“We focus on each job individually rather than focusing on doing as many jobs as we can,” he said. “We aren’t the fastest company in the world. We aren’t going to focus on one-day floors, but on the customer’s experience and making sure the job is done correctly.”

“The well-being of our customers and our team is how I see success,” Cady said. “When I know we’re successful is when I see five-star reviews coming in from our customers and our team is happy and productive. Everyone can support themselves and their families.”

In his early years at Paveman, Cady had a large geographic swatch, servicing customers from as far away as the Canadian border and into Iowa. He’s since shrunk his customer network.

“We’re traveling less,” he said. “We’re focusing on a 50-mile radius of Rochester. We’ve kind of shrunk. We have restructured to scale down, and give our customers a better experience.”

Paveman can do vertical surfaces and walls as well as floors. One notable project for them was a dentist office in Glencoe, Minnesota, about four years ago, where they did a custom showcase on their front desk based on an ocean-themed picture the staff loved.

“We created an ocean wave,” Cady said, “from a custom canvas off their desk. They loved it.”


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