He says it’s the mom with two kids in the Honda who is seeking out Dimitri Psomas’s team.

Owner of Downtown Detail at 434 Broadway Ave. South, Psomas has been in business for two years and counts his convenient location as one of his chief selling points.

“We’re right on Broadway, so we’re easy to get to,” he said. “Especially for Mayo Clinic people. I tell those folks that half of the price of the detail is the free parking you’ll get.”

He brings to Rochester a full-service detail shop, doing everything from interior to exterior detailing and polishing to ceramic coatings and wheels’ off detailing.

There’s a fine line between necessity and want, he said. And it’s those moms in the Honda who appreciate their car being fully detailed the most.

“Every year Americans spend more time in their car than the year before,” Psomas said. “We’ll clean our homes and make sure our clothes are dry cleaned, but it’s a very overlooked thing in the midwest to have your car detailed. Detailing is requested by manufacturers once a year.”

Detailing a car typically takes his team six to seven hours. To best serve clients, he offers chauffeur service upon drop-off and pick-up for those who don’t have a back-up car available.

“We’ll take them anywhere in town and pick them up and bring them back to the shop,” he said. “We want to keep it as convenient as possible for our clients”

During their busy season, his team of four details three to four cars a day. If a customer calls at the beginning of the week, Psomas said he can typically get them in by the end of the week.

A standard detail for a sedan runs about $250, and for a large SUV it’s about $450.

“It’s pretty reasonable for the amount of work we do on a vehicle,” Psomas said.