After seven years and 350 vlog posts, Bucky Beeman knows a thing or two about business.

Beeman has positioned himself as an influencer when it comes to commercial real estate, posting a weekly Thursday Market Update on his Realty Growth Inc. vlog. In his market update, he brings attention to businesses just opening, and those that are closing too.

He’s modeling his marketing after Gary Vee, a leading, nationally-known entrepreneur who documents his journey as a business owner. Beeman is Rochester’s Gary Vee, you could say.

“As I started to do it more, I ended up finding out I had a knack for knowing what was happening in the community,” Beeman said, “because I knew what was happening in the community of commercial real estate. Then I went on to create a consistent episode.”

“By committing to a day, it created a block in my schedule when I knew I had to go capture the business news I had seen from the last seven days in commercial real estate. That’s when I knew, that’s my day. I didn’t feel pressure all week to create content.”

For other commercial real estate experts who want to pivot as marketplace thought leaders, Beeman offers the following tips to get you to where he is with his Thursday Market Update.

First, grab your phone. Second, document your day. Beeman takes pictures of new business signs, and also interviews business owners and shares everything from changes in facades to renovations happening internally at a Rochester, Minnesota, business.

Gradually, he grew comfortable being in front of the camera, and also asking business owners to discuss their businesses on camera as well. Beeman got to know all the social media platforms. He started posting to Snapchat, Instagram, TikTok, LinkedIn and Facebook.

Over the years, Beeman has put more effort and time into editing his videos. Ultimately, his vlog posts lead to new business, he finds, as he’s more and more accessible to potential clients.

“There are so many people on so many different social media platforms,” he said. “The more accessible I can be, no matter where they are watching, they feel they can communicate with me about real estate or business-related questions. It’s an invitation to start a conversation.”

Beeman said his process is “ever evolving,” as social media channels change the way they present information to users. For a while, for example, LinkedIn had a story function. Then they didn’t. Now with the growth of TikTok, he has made it a point to post stories there as well.

Staying current with industry trends is what’s key, Beeman advises. Though social media trends change and prompt him to adapt, what’s consistent is his weekly Thursday Market Update.

People have come to rely on his weekly vlog, and he now even has business owners contacting him to ask if he’ll feature them on an upcoming Thursday Market Update episode.

“It helps me stay top of mind with people, when it comes to real estate topics and questions,” Beeman said. “The other main benefit is I enjoy documenting and telling stories. I really have fun sharing on film what people are doing in southeastern Minnesota for business.”

You can find him @buckybeeman on all of the social media channels.


Pick a platform that has a story function. Bucky prefers to use Snapchat as its the quickest way to capture pics and photos. You can use Instagram Stories or Facebook Stories as well. 

Go to the site of your choice that has an update. Such as  a new sign, new business, new exterior paint job, or a store that is closing. 

Within the app of your choice create a short video to share