"Good Morning Newsletter" Realty Growth Incorporated

As the year comes to a close, and we experience all of the hope, love, and excitement of the holiday season, we at Realty Growth have so much to be thankful for. Despite the challenges that we all have endured over the last two years, we managed to have a great year and are looking forward to what 2022 has in store for us. Because of this, we want to focus this month on giving back to the community and organizations that have given so much to so many people. 
To help everyone get into the holiday spirit, we wanted to take the time to focus on those in the community that gives so much hope, joy, and love to so many; the amazing nonprofits that serve our wonderful city of Rochester and surrounding communities. We wish that we could spotlight all of the great nonprofits that serve this area, however, if we were to do that the issue would literally be hundreds of pages long!  In fact, did you know that Rochester has one of the highest per capita number of nonprofits in the United States? This is true and is another reason why Rochester is such an amazing place to live and be a part of. 
To show our thanks and gratitude to these organizations, we are continuing to make our year-end donations to various nonprofits. For the past six years, the partners of the firm have asked each individual in our office to choose a nonprofit of their choice to donate to. In turn, Realty Growth will make a donation on their behalf and have the individual personally deliver the check to the organization of their choice. This is an easy way for us to say thank you to non-profits in our area for doing the selfless and amazing work that they do, while also building lasting and meaningful relationships with our community. Being in the non-profit realm is not easy, and it takes an incredible group of people who make it their life mission to serve others. It is because of these people that makes us all better people in this world. So, thank you, to all the nonprofits and your employees that serve those in need! 

I want to wish you a blessed and safe holiday season. This time of year is so special, as much of it is spent with family and friends and reminiscing of years past. I know that for myself personally, this year is extra special, as not only is this the first Christmas I will be spending with my family since the pandemic began, but also because this will be my daughter Nadia's first Christmas! This is truly the most wonderful time of the year, and I wish you and yours nothing but the merriest and happiest of holidays. Cheers to you, and all the best for a successful and prosperous New Year!  

With Warmest Regards, 

Nick Pompeian, Owner and Broker of Realty Growth, Inc.