It isn’t only for hangovers, Erin Buss wants you to know.

Owner and founder of Driftless Hydration, Buss launched her business in January 2023 and has seen steady growth since while also maintaining her job as a registered nurse for Mayo Clinic.

Located at 17 12th St. NE in Rochester, Buss offers IV infusion therapy with vitamins, minerals and amino acids. Driftless Hydration offers injections of vitamins and minerals as well.

“I hadn’t personally seen it before,” Buss said, “but I have seen things on social media about it. I knew as a nurse that it was a thing. We wanted to have alternative options for health and wellness in a community that’s obviously medical-driven. We just thought it was an opportunity to have other options. And it’s been great. We’ve been busy and continuing to grow.”

Each month she notes return customers as well as new clients. For September, she’s seen 10 new customers already and repeat clients are on the rise as well.

Buss said customers say they appreciate the atmosphere of the physical location of Driftless Hydration, but they most notably love how they feel after receiving services.

“Most people, by the time they leave, say they’re feeling better,” she said. “And even three to four days after services, they can tell the difference in how they’re feeling. They’ll say, ‘Man, that week was so great after I saw you guys.’”

Buss can infuse anyone ages 15 and up, but her target demographic is those ages 30 to 60. She said she loves that she’s helping people who “want to come here versus being forced.”

“I love that we really do feel like we make a difference in people’s wellness journey,” she said. “It warms my heart when people text or call me after the fact and say how much better they’re feeling after seeing us. That’s the difference and the impact that we have on them, to know we’re helping them feel better.”

Each customer automatically gets a liter of fluid, which perks them up, Buss said. Most of the human population, she notes, is chronically dehydrated. What’s more, depending on the infusion they choose, customers get a burst of vitamins with 100 percent absorption.

When taken orally, they only absorb 30 to 40 percent of that supplement, she said.

After an infusion or injection, people will say they’re more energized and sleep better. For people who have been battling Covid or influenza, they report their recovery time is expedited.

Typically customers find Driftless Hydration through a basic Google search, but the social media channels of Instagram and Facebook have been helpful in spreading the word too, Buss said.

“We’re not here to cure or treat any medical conditions,” she said. “We’re here to support an overall healthy lifestyle and a wellness journey. We offer a little bit for everybody.”

“When people ask what we do and we say we offer infusion therapy, people say ‘Oh, you mean for hangovers?’” Buss reports. “But that’s a small percentage of what we do.”

Among the 13 drips they offer, there are those targeted for athlete recovery, immune support, prenatal care, energy boost and a beauty one for hair, skin and nails.

“There’s a whole gamut of a menu,” she said, “and hangover is just one of the drips we offer.”

Infusions run from $100 to $250 with most hovering around $180.

Injections start at $20 up to $45, each. 

For more information or if you have any questions feel free to reach out at 507.258.3052 or 

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