Naomi Miller of Salon Suites


These people are committed.

The team of Naomi, Gary, Amanda, and Brandon Miller have poured everything into their new business, Salon Suites at Bandel at 5600 Bandel Road NW in Rochester.


They purchased the property, which was formerly Sterling State Bank, in March for $1.2 million and since then have poured $500,000 into renovations. They opened Salon Suites in January.


While the salon suites concept isn’t new to the Rochester beauty industry, Naomi Miller said her team is thinking outside the box to bring clients and tenants a unique space.


“I call it boho modern,” Naomi said of the interior decor. “I looked at competitors and didn’t see that. I really wanted to create a space that was non-cookie cutter.”


“It’s beautiful inside,” echoed Brandon Miller. “Gary and Naomi took the lead on the remodel and it’s not simple. Every room looks different. We used stone on the front entrance.


“It looks really nice. We even used a simulated wood, but it’s a steel ceiling that looks really nice. The drive-through will be a phase two project. We want to see what kind of popularity we have with the location, and we may create two master suites in the drive-up.”


Another unique feature of their business is that they are so invested one owner works on site. Naomi operates her own business, Skin Karma Esthetics, from Salon Suites at Bandel.


Of the twelve suites at Salon Suites, eight are full and four remain to be filled. Brandon said tenants appreciate that they aren’t in a huge salon suites setting where they’re competing amongst many other practitioners who all fill the same beauty industry niche that they do.


A good fit for Salon Suites at Bandel tenants, Naomi said, are practitioners who have been in the industry for a while. Those who want to grow and retire there are best suited for the space.


At 3,500 square feet, the building has a significant impact on options in the Rochester business scene.


“We’re trying to create a community-based environment,” Brandon said, “so you’re not competing against eight to 10 other hair stylists. Customers still get a comprehensive experience, with everything from skin to hair, but they’re not competing against eight others.


“They won’t lose them to another tenant. It’s better business and a better customer experience. It’s family, and it’s locally owned. We’re keeping the money here in Rochester.”


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