Compassion Acre

Gunnar Grimsrud chose to highlight Compassion Acre Congratulations to Allison Kocak for following her dreams and purchasing her very own commercial building for her doggy daycare business! 

I met Allison around a year ago because she inquired about one of the commercial buildings that RGI had listed near the YMCA. We toured it, discussed pricing, and ultimately decided that the location would not work out for her. However, Allison gave me the great honor of representing her as her Realtor as she continued her search for her dream location. 

Little did we know, this was the start of a grueling 10-month search that was full of rejection, failed negotiations, and heartbreak. However, Allison and I did not view it that way as each rejection and blocked road was a learning experience for us that gave us determination and insight to keep pushing forward. 

Eventually, nearly a year into our search we finally found the perfect spot on Commerce Drive in southwest Rochester. The owner was Jerry Fischer and his wife Ruth; a couple who has had a strong presence in the dog boarding industry for several decades. They were able to see Allison’s vision and dream for the location and after many weeks of negotiation, we were able to close on the sale of 3902 Commerce Ct. 

I am so incredibly proud of Allison for her hard work and determination even through the toughest of times. We faced obstacles that would cause most people to quit but she stayed focused on the goal all along. I am honored to call her a friend, and I cannot wait to see what is in store for her, her family, and her business.