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Top 3 places for live music in Rochester

In being asked about the city’s top three music venues, Nathan Hoover doesn’t hesitate.

Thesis Beer Project, The Castle, and the Historic Chateau Theatre.

A music aficionado, Hoover sees live shows frequently. However, he adds that the city hasn’t entirely rebounded from the Covid era, when live music died off in Rochester.

“Covid kind of killed the music scene,” said Hoover, Director of Marketing and Social Media at Realty Growth Incorporated. “No one was going out.”

It’s rebounded somewhat, thankfully, and he is back to going to local shows at his favorite venues. However, he notes that summer is the best season for live music.

This season isn’t a total loss, though, as the Rochester Thaw Festival is coming up in March. It’s the second annual festival and takes place at six venues throughout Rochester

“The Thaw Festival is going to be something big,” Hoover said. “It’s one big party.”

There will be six stages and 30 performers as part of the Thaw Festival. You can find out more and get tickets online at mytownmymusic.com/thaw. The festival sold out in 2023 so Hoover urges you to get your tickets early if you’re interested in going.


Photo credits to Adam Nantz and The Rochester Thaw Facebook Page 

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RGI 2023 Year End Report

Clients, Partners, Friends,

As I embark on my first annual letter to you as a partner of Realty Growth Inc., I cannot help but reminisce at the incredible journey over the last ten years since my partners and I purchased the company from my father.

This year we experienced growth within our company and began redefining ourselves during a year marked by economic and market adversity.  For most of the year, there was a lot of uncertainty due to rising interest rates and a whirlwind of world events. Despite these things, we were able to continue to move forward and thrive in an environment that would say otherwise. This is thanks to our staff, salespeople, and partners in the community that helped make this all happen. Your trust, support, dedication, and unwavering belief propel us to set the pace for success in our industry, regardless of the market's unpredictability.

This year we saw a lot of growth and changes within our company that we believe will help propel us far into the future. Some of our highlights for the 2023 year are as follows:

- This year our firm collectively help to represent or facilitate over 104 transactions; including 31 commercial property sales, 54 commercial leases, and 19 residential sales. This is a huge number for transaction for the size of our firm. Once again, the dedication of the team to hitting these numbers is testament to the hard work and determination of everyone of our staff members.

- Growing our TEAM! Currently, companywide, we are the largest we have ever been in our 45-year history. We added two new employees on the management side of the company, as well as added four new agents to the brokerage.

- 2023 marked a year of new ventures for Realty Growth. This included the addition of a marketing arm headed out by partner Bucky Beeman, and a development arm headed by partner, Nick Pompeian.

Both areas are extremely exciting, and will allow us to better serve our partners, brokers, and clients in their real estate needs.

- We officially closed and broke ground on our new office retail development in April of 2023. This was a monumental moment for us as this is the beginning of something new and exciting for us that we are looking to be able to leverage to give our employees and clients the ability to be a part of. As we focus on our future projects, we want to give everyone the opportunity to be grow and be a part of that journey.

- We ended our year by having a team gathering at a local favorite restaurant, Victoria’s, and enjoyed our time together as friends and colleagues. We truly have a wonderful team which acts more as family than anything.

As a part of this annual report, you will find market information analyzing sales and leasing data from 2023 in various asset classes. We hope this information is helpful for your own use and planning for the coming year.

2023 was a year of growth, additions, and new ventures for the Realty Growth team. As we look towards 2024, we are anticipating even more change and growth. Moreso than that, we strive to be the drivers and innovators that bring about those things. We want to be the influencers that we have set out to become and continue to bring real estate news and awareness to the community, while maintaining all integrity and hard work that has been instilled in us since 1978. We cannot do this without the help of everyone, and that is truly what makes this company and community so great! We are blessed, excited, and ready for the new year, and look forward to continuing to serve our wonderful community.

With thanks and gratitude,

Nick Pompeian, Partner and Owner of Realty Growth Inc.

Office Market Report 2023

Retail Market Report 2023

Multifamily Market Report 2023

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Car enthusiasts seek out Med City Detail for detailing, storage and more

Like many entrepreneurs, car detailing guru Evan West started at home.

“I began in California,” he said. “I did detailing on my own vehicles and then I started detailing for my friends and families. I decided to look elsewhere (to start my business). I met some friends on a road trip and they lived in Minnesota, and I decided to visit.”

The very next month, he relocated from California to Rochester and began looking for a space to launch what would become Med City Detail. He found a space and opened four years ago.

Last year, he expanded and doubled his footprint to 6,000 square feet.

“Now we’re banging away and things are going great,” West said.

West quickly runs down the list of services available at Med City Detail. Those include detailing both interior and exterior, paint corrections, ceramic coatings, window tints, paint protection film and powder coating.

“Our goal here is to enhance, protect and restore new and used vehicles,” he said. “So we get owners from the beginning of the ownership period all the way to the end.”

“We’re here to help make sure their car looks its best,” West went on.

With their expansion last year, he’s been able to store “quite a few cars,” he said, whereas at his last space he was only able to store two. “We have a sprinter van, construction vehicle, a brand new Highlander, a Porsche GT 4 and anything in between. We treat them all the same.”

West reminds us that a vehicle brought to Med City Detail is typically its owner’s second largest investment. “So typically they really care about them,” he said.

For more information about Med City Detail, you can go online to medcitydetail.com, call them at 507-401-2791 or email at info@meditydetail.com. They’re also on Facebook and Instagram.

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New Avalon owners have big plans for historic Broadway Avenue Building

After three years of being on the market, Broadway Avenue’s Avalon Building has finally sold.

The historic Rochester 3-level brick building was purchased by well-known local businesswomen Natalie Victoria and Christine Stahl on Dec. 15.

“I just want to reiterate that the new owners are going to elevate this building and continue in its legacy,” said Nick Pompeian, partner and broker with Realty Growth Inc. “They’re going to treat it with the utmost respect and this historic landmark for years to come will be a place where the community can gather and utilize it like it was meant to be utilized.”

Pompeian represented the buyers in the Avalon Building sale, and said he’s excited for what’s to come. Victoria, of locally famous restaurant Victoria’s, and Stahl will upgrade the building.

The women plan to have the first level – which was formerly occupied by a restaurant and a cafe – as private event space to be rented out for parties and events. The space’s full kitchen will be key there, Victoria said. Its new name will be The Social at the Avalon.

The second level is “still in motion,” Victoria said. “Nothing is finalized there.”

The third level, however, has two luxury apartments that the women intend to rent out.

Maintaining the building’s history is important to this dynamic duo. As such, they’re going to try to create the original sign for display on the building to “get into its history,” Victoria said.

What’s newsworthy about the sale? Pompeian says plenty.

“It’s been a long time coming,” he said. “It’s been on the market for three years. It’s a wonderful opportunity for someone. It will take a little  bit of renovations to the second floor to get it up to what it should be. Natalie and Christine are definitely the people to do that.”

“Their focus and ability to transform spaces is really amazing. This is not new to them. If you look at what they did to the Tap House downtown, which was an old building that hadn’t been renovated in a few years, and what they turned it into? They’re the right people for this. They’ll bring it back to life and continue on with its legacy for the next 100 years.”

The Avalon building began as a hotel, opening in 1919. In addition to hosting Jewish travelers, it was a popular gathering space for distinguished professionals and intellects of all backgrounds.

Because of its reputation for being the only hotel in Rochester to accept black people, Victor Green added it to the 1948 publication of his travel guide “The Negro Travelers’ Green Book.” The inspiration behind the book was to guide black Americans to travel without fear.

Over the years, the building has changed ownership and names several times. In 1980, the Avalon’s representation for ethnic, social and geographical diversity earned its place on the National Register of Historic Places. It remains one of 33 locations in Olmsted County currently on the National Register. Guests there have included Duke Ellington and Henry Armstrong.

After a renovation in 1987, the property became Hamilton Music. In 2008, the building changed ownership and became Avalon Music to reflect its history. An expansion project was started in 2018 to turn the building into a restaurant, office space and apartments.

“This is our first time purchasing a property that’s on the National Register,” Victoria said. “We hope to be open by late spring or early summer. Hopefully late spring.”

Link to the KTTC News Article Here

Link to the 106.9 KROC News Article Here

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“Good Morning Newsletter” Volume 29 + Monthly Newsletter

As the year comes to a close, and we experience all of the hope, love, and excitement of the holiday season, we at Realty Growth have so much to be thankful for. 

Despite rising interest rates and fluctuations in market conditions, we still saw a high number of transactions close this year. In fact, if we look at the data, we helped transact and facilitate 116 sale and lease deals. This is thanks to our staff, salespeople, and partners in the community who helped make this all happen. 

December brought another gift in that we added three amazing new team members; Barb Phelps, Leigh Ann Peltoma, and Mark Steege. All of them have significant real estate experience and bring so much knowledge and experience to the team. We are so excited and blessed to have them join our team and are looking forward to growing together! 

We are also continuing in the construction of our new office/retail building located at 3660 Sarah Place NW, and are in the process of working through the city approvals for an additional building in the same development. We were able to announce a few of the very exciting tenants such as Crisp and Green as well as Qdoba that will be in our building. This leap of faith we have taken will surely help take our business to the next level. 

As one can see, 2023 was a year of growth, additions, and new ventures for the Realty Growth team. We are blessed, excited, and ready to hit 2024 running! 2023 was wonderful but I have a feeling that 2024 will be even better. 

I want to wish you a blessed and safe holiday season. This time of year is so special, as much of it is spent with family and friends and reminiscing of years past. I know that for myself personally this was already extra special as we spent our first Christmas as a family of four! This is truly the most wonderful time of the year, and I wish you and yours nothing but the merriest and happiest of holidays. Cheers to you, and all the best for a successful and prosperous New Year!  

With Kindest Regards,

Nick Pompeian, Owner and Broker of Realty Growth, Inc.

Click here to read the full Newsletter from December 2023

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Titan 360 to join RGI

It is with the utmost excitement we are extremely happy to share that Leigh Ann Peltoma, Barb Phelps, and Mark Steege are joining our team at Realty Growth Inc. With this exciting announcement, we look forward to the future of helping all of our clients with the best commercial real estate team in Southeast Minnesota and beyond.

On December 14th , an unprecedented event is coming together and once completed, it will be one of the largest, most experienced commercial real estate firms in the Southeast Minnesota region.

“It’s a natural fit,” said Nick Pompeian . “We’re really excited about the opportunity to not only continue our work with this group in the real estate business, but now we’re on the same team.”

The “it” Pompeian speaks of is the joining of Rochester’s leading commercial real estate firms, Realty Growth Inc. and Titan 360 (unrelated to Titan Development). It may seem an unlikely collaboration, as RGI is run by three “young” men, and at the helm of Titan 360 are three “veterans.”

But those involved say it’s anything but unlikely.

“What we’ll be able to do for people is unprecedented,” said RGI’s Dylan Carty . “It’s truly going to be a one-stop shop. Call and you’re going to get somebody who knows what they’re doing.”

RGI is a team of 7 real estate professionals  led by Bucky Beeman, Nick Pompeian and Dylan Carty. The Titan 360 team includes Leigh Ann Peltoma , Barb Phelps and Mark Steege . Tallied together, the group of 10 has well over 100 years of experience.

As of December 14, Peltoma, Phelps and Steege will work with the RGI team, and all three brokers are excited to join a growing company.

“RGI has already set themselves apart from the masses,” Peltoma said. “What we bring to the table is a bit of experience and a lot of insight. It’s exciting for the community.” Steege is excited to have additional team members and said the joining of the two commercial real estate firms, “will definitely be a benefit to our clients.”

“I would guess we’ll be one of the largest teams in southeast Minnesota from a commercial brokerage standpoint,” he said. “We’ll have a wide range of experience levels and knowledge within our team”. Steege’s experience includes commercial development, financing, commercial management and a strong financial background as a CPA. He has held his broker’s license since 1995.

Phelps, who has 20 years of experience in commercial real estate said, “Joining forces with RGI will benefit clients tremendously. This business is all about servicing your clients.”

In our preliminary meetings with RGI, their teamwork philosophy stood out”, she said. “They’ve got it figured out and we’ve never felt competition with this group. We feel we all have the same mindset as to how we approach real estate. How would that not benefit clients? We no longer have three people servicing the product, but a much larger team.”

“There will be a lot of our RGI signs out there”, said Peltoma, who was licensed in 2004. She brings experience in retail and office leasing to the table at RGI.

“I’m really excited about this. I think it’s going to bring a lot of energy and excitement to the commercial real estate market. It will be a lot of fun,” said Peltoma.

“Over the years, I have liked their approach to commercial real estate,” said Steege, who confirmed it was Titan 360 who jump-started the conversation with RGI to join forces. “It seems like the right time for Titan 360 to join RGI because they have a great team, including their support staff and marketing. They also have an outstanding social media presence that reaches a large audience.”

Steege noted that the RGI team has many years of brokerage experience under their belts. “We can add value to each other, and the team approach is something we practice here at Titan 360 as well. We’re excited to continue that with RGI.

RGI got its start in 1978 by founders, the late Ed Pompeian and the late Bill Kolb. It grew to be a very well-known name in the local business community. Beeman, Carty, and Nick Pompeian, joined around 2010 and grew it to what it is today.

The original firm which had formulated business deals with a handshake, now uses computers and social media. All involved credit Beeman with leading the social media angle of their business.

Bucky Beeman has continually brought a marketing edge that has helped RGI grow year after year. Beeman shared that the addition of these three real estate veterans will be the perfect way to keep RGI growing. He added, “I am honored to have such talented professionals, ready to join our growing brokerage.”

In 2014, Pompeian and Beeman purchased the brokerage from its founders. Carty came on board as well and now RGI has nine employees supporting the management and brokerage portion of the business. RGI’s brokerage experience includes building renovations, investment properties, and sales and leasing of commercial real estate in southeast Minnesota.

Titan 360, meanwhile, got its start in August of 2020, with Phelps, Steege and Peltoma, coming together to create an incredible team of experienced brokers.

“This is going to be a big shake up,” Carty said of the two newly joined firms. “These three have been performers in the commercial real estate market for years. This puts us in the realm of being a powerhouse in commercial real estate in Rochester. I believe we are one of the most well-rounded, experienced brokerage firms in Southern Minnesota.”

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“Good Morning Newsletter” Volume 28 + Monthly Newsletter

As our beautiful fall weather comes to an end and we begin to look forward to the winter season, we have much to be thankful for at Realty Growth. 

First and foremost, I would like to thank all our staff for all their hard work and dedication thus far. It is hard to believe that we only have one more month left of 2023, but what a great year it has been! 
We have been extremely busy, and our staff are truly the heartbeat of our organization. Without them, we would be nothing! Their dedication, passion, and teamwork is evident every day, and for that, I say thank you!

Secondly, I would like to thank my partners. Thank you for riding this crazy wave. Thank you for your support. Thank you for building something together bigger than any of us could imagine. Thank you for being open and honest. Thank you for being you. 

Lastly, and most importantly, I would like to personally thank all of you, our clients, our friends, and our partners. Without you, we could not continue to do what we do. So, thank you for everything that you have done, are doing, and will continue to do. 

In closing, My hope is that you all had a blessed and safe Thanksgiving. Enjoy this time of year with family and friends, and please remember to thank those who have made a difference in your life. Thank you again for all you do!

With Kindest Regards,

Nick Pompeian, Owner and Broker of Realty Growth, Inc.

Click here to read the full Newsletter from November 2023

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From new homes to residential remodels, Interiors by J. Curry does it all

Written by Renee Berg

Jessica Curry is familiar with the pains of business growth.

She was bursting at the seams, as she puts it, in her Eyota workspace before expanding to her current Interiors by J. Curry showroom in downtown Rochester’s Queen City Center.

Her next business expansion will be to hire an employee who will staff the showroom at least three days a week, Curry said, and thereby be able to capture walk-in customers.

“We do a lot of referrals,” she said. “I feel like that says a lot. I started out just doing consulting and design, but I have been able to flourish into some different avenues.”

On Friday Curry will speak to a Chamber of Commerce women’s round table, with about 30 guests. She plans to go in depth about what her business is about, and also include some question-and-answer time with the audience in case they have projects they’d like advice on.

Another speaking engagement Curry has coming up is a live webinar for the Voices From the Industry conference for the Kitchen & Bath Industry Show. It’s put on by the National Kitchen & Bath Association.

With more than eight years of owning Interiors by J. Curry, and with 23 years in the industry, Curry has assembled quite an array of experience.

A few years into Interiors by J. Curry, she started selling cabinets and countertops, adding custom pieces to physically complete the spaces she was designing. “We can make any cabinet any size,” she said, “and can customize it within 1/16 of an inch for a remodel.”

Cabinetry might go into a kitchen or bath, or into a basement with a bar and entertainment center. Interiors by J. Curry has also done built-in pieces such as a desk for a home office.

Her background is in kitchens and bathrooms so she thrives with those projects, but also gets excited when a kitchen remodel splays out into the rest of the home. “We create a cohesive flow and help clients from design concepts to all the furnishings and details going in the end.”

“The neat thing is, with the products I sell, a couple of them I’ve sold for 20 years plus so I was familiar with the quality of materials and am able to customize it to the way the client wants.”

“Just knowing that with your involvement you are making their everyday living better. Creating a retreat or oasis in a bathroom after a hard day or a kitchen for entertaining family gathering, or a homework area,” Curry said. “Problem solving what’s not working to get the perfect design in the end is so great and seeing the before and after transformation of a remodel never gets old.”

Curry said she and her colleague Michell Vogl offer consulting on every type of design project, and they have even done a few commercial designs. The majority of their business is residential remodels, but they do offer their services to people building their new homes as well.

There they dive into the blueprints and make suggestions with finishes, Curry said.

“I think the biggest misconception with interior design is people think, oh you kind of pick out colors and materials,” she said. “That is a part of it. But the big part of the process is brainstorming, conceptualizing, measuring space up, scaling blueprints, creating technical drawings … to make it functional and safe and beautiful in the end.”


Find Interiors by J Curry online on Facebook here or on the website here!

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Olson IT Solutions relies on reputation for measured success

Mike Olson started as a freelancer but grew his operation into what it is now today, a robust IT firm serving 40 to 50 businesses in Rochester and beyond with a small team of two.

The owner of Olson IT Solutions Inc., Olson got his start in 2016 and expanded during Covid.

“I worked for a gentleman who showed me how to land freelance work working for bigger companies like Wells Fargo, Target, Hy-Vee and other Fortune 500 retailers,” he said. “Once he showed me how to do that, I was like, I can do this for myself and I started and it took off.”

For his first few years in business Olson concentrated on those freelance gigs. But as of 2018, he also started picking up local work and has thereby grown leaps and bounds from where he was before. He offers everything under the IT umbrella, including cyber security, security education, and management of networks and computers, among other services.

“We’re an all in one shop for businesses,” he said. “We’re a partner with their business.”

Olson does a lot of consulting as well. Another part of his work is helping businesses develop strategic plans for technology and the implementation process “for them to get the best services available that they need to be successful,” he said. “We save time with strategic planning.”

“Like any new entrepreneur, you think you’re going to do one thing and you throw that out the window and do a bunch of other things,” Olson said. “We found our niches in a lot of areas.”

“We are well known for restaurants and small- to medium-sized businesses for providing quality service in a timely manner. People call me directly and we resolve their issues. We feel we give a nice personal touch to the business. No one likes to wait for anything so we try to be prompt. That’s always been the goal since we started – keep it personal. It’s really helped us.”

Olson has some clients in outlying communities but most of his work is found within the confines of Rochester. Since starting in 2016, he’s grown and is now watching businesses he’s helped with their IT needs succeed within their own individual industries.

“It’s been a fun journey,” he said. “We’re seeing those people thrive. It’s fascinating to see people blossom. We’ve grown a lot since we started and we have helped a lot of people.”

He is passionate about “technology in general,” Olson said. “I’m passionate about making things work, and solving business level concepts to help businesses grow with the technology they have or need to have. I love being able to share cyber security with clients as well. We love this area.”

Olson IT Solutions has helped thousands of people with their IT needs, he said. And as for success, Olson says he’s already found it. “I’m happy with where we’re at,” he said.

“We’re always happy to take on new clients. That in itself to me is success. I don’t need to look at a dollar value. If my customers and clients are happy, that makes me successful.”

Olson doesn’t invest in any formal advertising and instead relies on word of mouth for attracting new business. It’s a method that’s working well for him, he said. “If I continue to do good work, people will continue to find me and I think that’s attributed to my clients and customers.”

“We go above and beyond,” he said of his two-man team. “We’re passionate about this industry we’re in. We look forward to serving everybody who needs IT, whether you’re a restaurant, a mom and pop shop, a financial firm, a lawyer, whoever. We can help you grow your business and make a good plan for your business to grow strategically and financially.”

“We’re there until the end,” Olson said. “We want to see the growth happen. If we see you grow, then we know we’re doing our job right.”


Find them online on facebook here!

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“Good Morning Newsletter” Volume 27 + Monthly Newsletter

To all of our clients, customers, tenants, and readers, welcome to the October morning newsletter! It is hard to believe that we are officially in the final quarter of the year. 

The month of October has turned out to be a busy month. Leases signed, continuing to close on transactions, and obtaining new contracts has been the name of the game. Despite the uncertainty in this world, we are still seeing things transact. To say we are blessed is an understatement. 

A lot of questions remain, as no one truly knows the direction everything is heading. In these uncertain times, our team is here more than ever to help navigate those waters. We are here to provide constant insights and guidance to all of our clients in a time that is otherwise interesting to say the least. What we all must do is stay calm, as this too will pass. We will navigate all of this like we always have together! 

Our new development at 3660 Sarah Place NW is going extremely well. We officially have a roof over the building! We will begin work on the parking lot, as well as the cement slab inside of the building. Tenants have started to go in for permits with the city. Progress, and lots of it! 
We are continuing to put out a lot of content on YouTube, TikTok, Facebook, Spotify, and Instagram. With this, we are continually growing our online following.  Please remember to follow us on Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube for all of the most up-to-date market and real estate information! Also, do not forget to follow our office happenings by listening to our podcast, the Realty Growth Podcast on Spotify. 

As always, thank you for all you do and for being a part of our journey. As we all prepare for the last two months of the year, remember to take time to sit back and take a deep breath before the holidays and year-end. 

With Kindest Regards,

Nick Pompeian, Owner and Broker of Realty Growth, Inc.

Click here to read the full Newsletter from October 2023

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Authentic, timely content is key for businesses looking to grow their social media

Likes and followers are important, but not as vital as creating valuable content, social media guru Nathan Hoover says. Hoover is the director of marketing and social media at RGI.

“It’s important to be consistent with the content you’re posting,” he said. “Create content about your business and what you’re doing and share about what’s happening in your niche. Also, promote others to promote yourself. That will help you grow your social media engagement.”

Hoover also stresses how important it is to be authentic. “Just be you,” he said, “and people will be attracted to your content. Don’t try to be someone you’re not when creating content.”

As for other dos and don’ts of social media for businesses, he said you can start your social media journey with just your smartphone as your equipment. But as you gain steam and traction, you might want to invest in microphones, gimbals, cameras and lighting!

Hoover advises planning to spend $2,500 to $5,000 on start-up costs for building a social media department at your business. He also says having an in-house marketing expert is more affordable than continually contracting out those jobs to content creators one job at a time.

“Use free scheduling software like Business Suite through Facebook,” he said. “That lets you post to Facebook and Instagram at the same time. It’s one important tool.”

“Don’t sell your product or service,” he went on. “Sell why you do what you do. Put out there why you do what you do, and educate people about what you’re doing.”

Hoover says content for Tiktok, YouTube, Instagram and Facebook doesn’t need to be fancy. And praise be, he adds that short-form content trumps long-form any day.

“People will find more interest in short content and not long, stale videos,” he said. “The shorter and more precise posts will be what people engage with and want to learn more about.”

As for what to do with content once it’s created and posted, Hoover recommends saving content to a Google Drive doc to share with other social media content creators at your business. This will help with repurposing you social media content across many platforms.

Collaboration is also huge in the social media world. Here you can mimic RGI, which posts a Weekly Market Update whereby they celebrate happenings in the local business community.

So be sure to celebrate other companies in your niche, and use relatable hashtags and geo tags while doing so.

“That draws people into the content,” Hoover said.

“Normally people think of followers, likes and views as what matters, but it’s more about the connections,” he said. “Who is following? Who is commenting? Who is sharing your content without being asked? Who is just not liking but also leaving comments and reposting your videos? Having shares, comments and likes are the baseline but it’s more about the people you meet and connections you build.”

He suggests carving out time in your day to create social media content. Having a content calendar is also key, Hoover said, and allows you to plan ahead with what’s time sensitive.

Don’t post too many times per day, as then people will likely grow bored. “You want them to want to come back for me,” Hoover said. “To stay tuned and follow up each day or week.”

“It’s like a wheel. Once you have it going, it just keeps going and going and eventually you don’t have to think about it. It’s in motion. Be a news source outlet and share things you enjoy to help bridge the connection between different audiences. Find your niche focus and grow from there.”


If you would like to watch more of the content that we create at Realty Growth click here!

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Referrals are what sets Omega Exteriors apart from the rest

Omega Exteriors expanded into the Rochester market in April, and it’s been gangbusters ever since. The roofing company has 50 customers, its general manager said.

“We haven’t spent a lot on marketing because our customer process develops a lot of referrals. I think that’s what sets us apart from other roofing companies,” said Nate Glynn, general manager of Omega Exteriors. 

Omega Exteriors has an office in downtown Rochester, but its two employees operate from their trucks primarily, Glynn said. He’s looking to add another four to five positions.

In the Cities, Omega Exteriors has 31 employees, showcasing its success.

“We’re on the road a lot,” Glynn said. “As I develop this market and fill other positions, I will be managing more from the office. I won’t be needed in the field as much, as office and field training should be 50/50.”

They’ll make a hard push until Thanksgiving in this market, and will then start scheduling roofing jobs for the spring of 2024. For siding and windows, they go a bit later and start earlier too.

Glynn says he’s always been in business. As a kid, he didn’t “dream of being a roofer” but when the opportunity came his way, he accepted and didn’t look back.

“It’s relatively easy to become educated and have a process to help a customer understand,” he said, “and feel OK moving forward. A lot of items, just showing up on the day you’re supposed to and returning phone calls is all you need to set yourself apart.”

Siding and window improvements offer more “curb appeal,” he said, but the roof is key.

“Omega focuses on restoration for hail and wind damage and our ability to help navigate the insurance process is appreciated,” he said. “I find we care more about people’s roofs than they do until we can sit down and educate them. It protects everything you’ve got.”

Find them on Facebook here!

Find them on Instagram here!

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From burgers to coffee is no big thang, new Zumbrota coffee shop owner says

Switching from burgers to coffee was easy, this entrepreneur says.

Steve Patterson is co-owner of Nature’s Grind Coffee Co., opening this week in Zumbrota in a 20-person space formerly housing Java Junction off Highway 52.

Patterson and co-owner Brian Miller also own Lansing’s Corners in Austin, with Patterson saying the transition from burgers to coffee seemed a natural one to him.

“We figured it wouldn’t be that big of a transition to switch from burgers to coffee so we planned to take on this project as well,” Patterson said. “It’s something we’ve done before and that’s why we think we can handle it.”

Java Junction closed on Feb. 5, and its owners have been immensely helpful to Patterson and Miller in getting Nature’s Grind Coffee Co. underway, Patterson said.

“The previous owners have been super helpful,” he said. “Training us, answering questions about what sells good and what could be eliminated at the coffee shop.”

The 1,800-square-foot coffee shop will feature not only coffee hailing from Java Junction’s menu, but also breakfast sandwiches, and soups and sandwiches for lunch.

“We’re optimistic,” Patterson said. “We basically just kind of simplified the menu. That’s what we did at Lansing’s Corners and it seemed to work very well for us.”

Everything served is of good quality, he said, aimed at pleasing the customer. Their goal with Nature’s Grind is to bring value to the community as they’ve done in Austin, he said.

As for his resume, Patterson was in sales for 10 years, then worked at Mayo Clinic and has also worked in the service industry. He’s been everything from a bouncer to a dishwasher so “it was easy to transition into a leadership role at the bar and grill,” he said. “I had a little experience in everything and now we’re hoping that translates into coffee too.”

Patterson graduated from Winona State University in 2011 with a bachelor’s of science in elementary education. Business owner is now his full-time occupation.

“I’m working 80 hours a week between Lansing’s and the coffee shop so I don’t really have much time for anything else,” Patterson said. “You have to be there and be present.”

“Then you can kind of let other people do it,” he said. “It’s a grind and persistence is a big thing. We’ve failed several times trying to open a business. Persistence is huge.”

When it comes to Nature’s Grind, it only took a month to open to the public. “It’s just one of those things where we’re better off with the doors open,” he said.

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“Good Morning Newsletter” Volume 26 + Monthly Newsletter

Realty Growth Incorporated Good Morning Newsletter

To all of our clients, customers, tenants, and readers, welcome to the September morning newsletter! It is hard to believe that we are officially in the fall season. For me personally, this is one of my favorite times of the year. It brings a renewed sense of excitement and beauty with the change in season, preparations for the final quarter of the year, and, of course, the return of football!

The month of September was a busy month for us here at RGI. Despite seeing an economic slowdown, as rising interest rates and uncertainty in the market continue to weigh on the economy, we saw a nice number of closings in the office. This is a testament to our people and clients who work hard every day to get these deals to the finish line.

A lot of questions remain, as no one truly knows the direction everything is heading. In these uncertain times, our team is here more than ever to help navigate those waters. We are here to provide constant insights and guidance to all of our clients in a time that is otherwise interesting, to say the least. What we all must do is stay calm, as this too will pass.

Our new development at 3660 Sarah Place NW is well underway, and we are getting ready to announce the exciting tenants that will be in our building as soon as they give us the go-ahead to do so! Walls continue to go up on the structure itself. It is so fun to watch the progress, as the construction team is hard at work!

We are continuing to put out a lot of content on YouTube, Spotify, Facebook, and Instagram. With this, we are continually growing our online following. Please remember to follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube for all of the most up-to-date market and real estate information! Also, do not forget to follow our office happenings by listening to our podcast, the Realty Growth Report on Spotify.

As always, thank you for all you do and for being a part of our journey. If there are any questions or interest in real estate, please reach out to us.

In closing, enjoy this beautiful time of the year. Remember with the change in season comes new opportunities and a chance to build and create something new.

With Kindest Regards,


Nick Pompeian, Owner and Broker of Realty Growth, Inc.

Click here to read the full Newsletter from September 2023

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Going far beyond a hangover cure

It isn’t only for hangovers, Erin Buss wants you to know.

Owner and founder of Driftless Hydration, Buss launched her business in January 2023 and has seen steady growth since while also maintaining her job as a registered nurse for Mayo Clinic.

Located at 17 12th St. NE in Rochester, Buss offers IV infusion therapy with vitamins, minerals and amino acids. Driftless Hydration offers injections of vitamins and minerals as well.

“I hadn’t personally seen it before,” Buss said, “but I have seen things on social media about it. I knew as a nurse that it was a thing. We wanted to have alternative options for health and wellness in a community that’s obviously medical-driven. We just thought it was an opportunity to have other options. And it’s been great. We’ve been busy and continuing to grow.”

Each month she notes return customers as well as new clients. For September, she’s seen 10 new customers already and repeat clients are on the rise as well.

Buss said customers say they appreciate the atmosphere of the physical location of Driftless Hydration, but they most notably love how they feel after receiving services.

“Most people, by the time they leave, say they’re feeling better,” she said. “And even three to four days after services, they can tell the difference in how they’re feeling. They’ll say, ‘Man, that week was so great after I saw you guys.’”

Buss can infuse anyone ages 15 and up, but her target demographic is those ages 30 to 60. She said she loves that she’s helping people who “want to come here versus being forced.”

“I love that we really do feel like we make a difference in people’s wellness journey,” she said. “It warms my heart when people text or call me after the fact and say how much better they’re feeling after seeing us. That’s the difference and the impact that we have on them, to know we’re helping them feel better.”

Each customer automatically gets a liter of fluid, which perks them up, Buss said. Most of the human population, she notes, is chronically dehydrated. What’s more, depending on the infusion they choose, customers get a burst of vitamins with 100 percent absorption.

When taken orally, they only absorb 30 to 40 percent of that supplement, she said.

After an infusion or injection, people will say they’re more energized and sleep better. For people who have been battling Covid or influenza, they report their recovery time is expedited.

Typically customers find Driftless Hydration through a basic Google search, but the social media channels of Instagram and Facebook have been helpful in spreading the word too, Buss said.

“We’re not here to cure or treat any medical conditions,” she said. “We’re here to support an overall healthy lifestyle and a wellness journey. We offer a little bit for everybody.”

“When people ask what we do and we say we offer infusion therapy, people say ‘Oh, you mean for hangovers?’” Buss reports. “But that’s a small percentage of what we do.”

Among the 13 drips they offer, there are those targeted for athlete recovery, immune support, prenatal care, energy boost and a beauty one for hair, skin and nails.

“There’s a whole gamut of a menu,” she said, “and hangover is just one of the drips we offer.”

Infusions run from $100 to $250 with most hovering around $180.

Injections start at $20 up to $45, each. 

For more information or if you have any questions feel free to reach out at 507.258.3052 or info@driftlesshydration.com 

Additional information can be found at:


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‘Ultimate networking’ event comes to Rochester

The ‘ultimate networking’ event is scheduled for Oct. 25-26 at Mayo Civic Center in Rochester.

It’s hosted by Elocina, a local consulting firm owned by Tawonda Burks.

Called the Next Level Conference, the gathering is geared for aspiring entrepreneurs as well as seasoned business owners. Burks hopes to draw as many as 300 attendees and 100 vendors.

Educational workshops will be held on Oct. 25, a VIP reception is scheduled for the evening of Oct. 25 at the Chateau Theatre and a vendor Expo will be on Oct. 26. There’s also a wonderful line-up of keynote speakers, Burks said, including Ugg boots founder Brian Smith, the former Mayo Clinic ‘singing surgeon’ Dr. Elvis Francois and Rochester Mayor Kim Norton.

Another anchor for the Next Level Conference is a fireside chat with educational leaders about how educators can best prepare learners for the future in business.

In its inaugural year, you can register for the Next Level Conference at nextlevelconf.com. Cost ranges from $295 to attend the conference to $500 to be a vendor at the Expo. And for $795, attendees can have access to everything the conference offers, including the VIP reception.

“Just get ready to have a great time connecting as it relates to all things business,” Burks said. “We have great supporters. We have a lot of support for this event. Now we’re getting down to the last month and it’s time to spread the word so people get their tickets.”

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It’s all in the details

He says it’s the mom with two kids in the Honda who is seeking out Dimitri Psomas’s team.

Owner of Downtown Detail at 434 Broadway Ave. South, Psomas has been in business for two years and counts his convenient location as one of his chief selling points.

“We’re right on Broadway, so we’re easy to get to,” he said. “Especially for Mayo Clinic people. I tell those folks that half of the price of the detail is the free parking you’ll get.”

He brings to Rochester a full-service detail shop, doing everything from interior to exterior detailing and polishing to ceramic coatings and wheels’ off detailing.

There’s a fine line between necessity and want, he said. And it’s those moms in the Honda who appreciate their car being fully detailed the most.

“Every year Americans spend more time in their car than the year before,” Psomas said. “We’ll clean our homes and make sure our clothes are dry cleaned, but it’s a very overlooked thing in the midwest to have your car detailed. Detailing is requested by manufacturers once a year.”

Detailing a car typically takes his team six to seven hours. To best serve clients, he offers chauffeur service upon drop-off and pick-up for those who don’t have a back-up car available.

“We’ll take them anywhere in town and pick them up and bring them back to the shop,” he said. “We want to keep it as convenient as possible for our clients”

During their busy season, his team of four details three to four cars a day. If a customer calls at the beginning of the week, Psomas said he can typically get them in by the end of the week.

A standard detail for a sedan runs about $250, and for a large SUV it’s about $450.

“It’s pretty reasonable for the amount of work we do on a vehicle,” Psomas said.

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More than just garage floors

It isn’t just garage floors.

Justin Cady, owner and founder of Paveman Coatings in Rochester, said they go far beyond garage floors with their work. The business launched in 2016 and has seen growth since.

The business has a staff of four led by Cady, who grew up in Rushford and now lives in Chatfield. Out of high school he focused on automotive work, and later did pest control.

“You name it, I’ve done it,” Cady said.

He finally found his home with Paveman Coatings and started in March of 2016 as Paveman Designs LLC. He later rebranded as Paveman Coatings.

Cady’s story is an interesting one, as he never saw himself as a business owner.

“I always had a knack for finding out where people came from,” he said. “I always thought there were better ways of doing things, as well as treating people and employees.”

“I always thought I would do something on my own. The business world fascinated me.”

From research, Cady knew there was an opening in the world of concrete beautification.

“I knew I could do things differently and provide better customer service,” he said. “That’s my knack, and why I decided to start Paveman Coatings.”

He realizes that his services aren’t a necessity for home owners, and likens his work to landscaping. “Everyone loves having their lawn landscaped,” he said. “We’re a want.”

Watching a project go from start to finish, and to the customer using their rehabbed space again, is the most rewarding part of what he does, Cady says, as well as fostering growth among his team. “Seeing them grow and learn, those light bulbs come on. It’s rewarding,” he said.

Though their current focus is on residential concrete jobs, Paveman is expanding to the commercial and municipality markets as well, Cady said.

His five-year plan is for growth into other markets, including the southern portion of the Twin Cities, Owatonna, Faribault, La Crosse and the Northfield markets.

“Ultimately we want to be able to serve all of those communities as best as we can,” he said.

Cady doesn’t gauge success by sales figures or number of customers. Rather, he focuses on the quality of the service customers receive and offering a rich customer experience.

“We focus on each job individually rather than focusing on doing as many jobs as we can,” he said. “We aren’t the fastest company in the world. We aren’t going to focus on one-day floors, but on the customer’s experience and making sure the job is done correctly.”

“The well-being of our customers and our team is how I see success,” Cady said. “When I know we’re successful is when I see five-star reviews coming in from our customers and our team is happy and productive. Everyone can support themselves and their families.”

In his early years at Paveman, Cady had a large geographic swatch, servicing customers from as far away as the Canadian border and into Iowa. He’s since shrunk his customer network.

“We’re traveling less,” he said. “We’re focusing on a 50-mile radius of Rochester. We’ve kind of shrunk. We have restructured to scale down, and give our customers a better experience.”

Paveman can do vertical surfaces and walls as well as floors. One notable project for them was a dentist office in Glencoe, Minnesota, about four years ago, where they did a custom showcase on their front desk based on an ocean-themed picture the staff loved.

“We created an ocean wave,” Cady said, “from a custom canvas off their desk. They loved it.”


Paveman Coatings Thursday Market Update

Paveman Coatings Billboarding Video

Paveman Coatings Website

Paveman Coatings Facebook

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Rochester transplant finds meaning in storytelling with video creation

His college degree was so unique, he had to craft it himself,

Chris Christensen, creative director for Real Growth Media, a media company owned by Realty Growth Inc., said when he went to college at St. Cloud State University he built his own degree.

He graduated in 2008 with an elective studies degree, but it was essentially a film degree with mass communications, business and TV production classes included in the mix.

“By junior year I knew I wanted to do contemporary video production, instead of going down a film studies path and making movies,” Christensen said.

After college, he didn’t see many growth opportunities in St. Cloud so he relocated to Rochester and took a job with Hobby World TV, a firm which had 10 online TV channels.

They lasted three years, Christensen said. Then came the economic crash and, paired together with the booming popularity of YouTube, which “killed independent online TV, I think,” he said.

He decided to launch his own business called Wondercloud Media. His first job was accompanying a Rochester band called Author on a national tour shooting tour videos.

“It made me a better artist,” Christensen said, “and creator, to see the country and realize we’re all alike.”

For 10 years, he freelanced with Wondercloud and worked primarily with clients in southern Minnesota and the Twin Cities. Among his notable freelance clients is Mayo Clinic.

“It all kind of comes back to my documentary history, making documentaries,” he said. “I love capturing stories and telling stories as opposed to making a commercial. People want to hear stories and truths. They don’t want to get served an advertisement.”

Finding himself at a career crossroads, Christensen realized he’d maxed out what he could do in the community of Rochester with Wondercloud Media. It’s then he connected with RGI Inc. co-owner Bucky Beeman, and together they discussed Beeman’s idea for Real Growth Media.

A media company operating under a corporate umbrella is what the two visionaries wanted to create, and create it they did. “We had a few meetings and everything fell into place,” he said of collaborating with Beeman. “We all thought the idea was great and we worked it out. Here I am.”

Christensen said his draw to Real Growth Media, and RGI, was a compulsion he felt to be a part of a team. After freelancing for most of his career, he longed for that team element RGI offered.

“Having your own business is great, but at the end of the day it’s just you and your work,” Christensen said. “That was fulfilling to me for a long time, but then I wanted a team. Being here for the last eight months I feel like more than part of a team. I’m part of a family.”

“The culture created here is so positive,” he said, “and they hire positive people. That’s the part I knew would be possible but I didn’t know it would be so awesome. It creates better work, better content, better productivity when you have a place you’re excited to go to every morning.”

What he values most about the team element is that his comrades are open to experimentation. They have essentially built a machine for creating content, Christensen said, and are focused now on creating even better content with that same machine.



“We’re learning what viewers want to see,” he said. “We’re getting better at creating good content. We’re running social media, and a YouTube channel, but we are a business too.”

The challenge inherent with their task is to create entertaining, educational content, he said.

“We’re always thinking of content,” Christensen said. “Trying to find a good balance between quantity and quality is a big thing here. That’s a departure from where I was, where quality was the primary goal.”

One favored project for him is called “Buyers, Buildings and Businesses,” which is a web series about the progression of a business. Season One featured the journey of Ashley Moberg of Real Deals and their rapid growth from renting to building her dream building. Christensen likens it to an HGTV show but with a commercial real estate focus rather than a residential story being told.

“If we keep pushing, we can create good content about commercial real estate,” he said. “It has that HGTV vibe to it that people are going to want to watch.”

“Being a part of this team is awesome,” he went on. “A big part of my decision to come here was seeing the passion they have here. The team at Realty Growth Inc. gets as excited about real estate as I do about video production and content creation, so it makes for a great relationship.”

Christensen said he loves starting his creative process with nothing, and creating content.

“It’s a piece of art, is how I see it,” he said. “I’m pointing my camera and turning it into something that someone is going to sit down and watch and learn something from.”

To see some of Chris’s work you can find it at some of the following places online. 


Wondercloud Website



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“Good Morning Newsletter” Volume 25 + Monthly Newsletter

Realty Growth Incorporated Good Morning Newsletter

Welcome to the August morning newsletter! It is hard to believe that we are already heading into the tail-end of summer.

The month of August saw a little bit of a slowdown, as rising interest rates and uncertainty in the market continue to weigh on the economy. Like most areas of finance and commerce, commercial real estate is also seeing similar effects as other industries. There are a lot of questions, as no one truly knows the direction everything is heading. However, in these uncertain times, our team is here more than ever to help navigate those waters and to continue to provide insights and guidance to all of our clients. Know that this too will pass, and should be seen as an opportunity for all of us.

Despite what we are seeing in the broader market, our team has had a great month; closing on several deals and obtaining new listings. We continue to see interest in our market and remain very busy. We are continuing to put out a lot of content on YouTube, Spotify, Facebook, and Instagram. Our new development is well underway, and we are getting ready to announce the exciting tenants that will be in our building!

We are continuing to grow our online follower base so remember to follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube for all of the most up-to-date market and real estate information. Also, do not forget to follow our office happenings by listening to our podcast, the Realty Growth Report on Spotify.

As always, thank you for all you do and for being a part of our journey. If there are any questions or interest in real estate, please reach out to us.

With Kindest Regards, 

Nick Pompeian, Owner and Broker of Realty Growth, Inc. 

Click here to read the full Newsletter from August 2023

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“Good Morning Newsletter” Volume 24 + Monthly Newsletter

Realty Growth Incorporated Good Morning Newsletter

To all of our clients, customers, tenants, and readers, welcome to the July morning newsletter! First of all, we hope you all had a wonderful 4th of July celebrating our country's independence and freedom with family and friends! 

We are in the thick of another summer, and, despite rising interest rates and uncertainty in the general market, we have had a busy summer at the office. With the Mayo Clinic's recent announcement of expansion and plans for the future, we have seen a renewed interest in Rochester, especially on the development side of things. Rochester is an amazing place and one that has always been somewhat insulated from the rest of the world due to our unique situation and economy. 

We officially broke ground on our brand-new development at 3650 Sarah Place NW! This is an incredible and monumental moment for us at RGI, as this is our first official development as an office. For those that are not aware, we are building a 20,000-square-foot office/retail building. We have some amazing tenants lined up and cannot wait to share that information with you all when we are able to. Look for weekly updates on our website and YouTube channel so that you can stay up to date on our development and follow along as we build something special! 

We are in a very exciting time, and we look forward to continuing to share this with you all. The best way to do so is by following us on Youtube, Facebook, and Instagram.  This is an easy way to stay up to date on the latest trends and local updates in real estate, and education, as well as continue to be a part of our team. Another easy way to follow our office happenings is by listening to our podcast, the Realty Growth Report on Spotify. Also, if you or you know of anyone who would be interested in being on our podcast, please contact us as we would love to have you! 

As always, thank you for all you do and for being a part of our journey. If there are any questions or interest in real estate, please reach out to us. 

With Kindest Regards, 

Nick Pompeian, Owner and Broker of Realty Growth, Inc. 


Click here to view the full July Newsletter featuring our highlights from the month! 

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Local boy done good D’Angelo Tines succeeds with Popus Popcorn

Talk about a local boy done good.

John Marshall High School graduate D’Angelo Tines grew up putting on hot dog and lemonade stands. That experience spiraled into his passion for sales, and he now owns and operates Popus Gourmet Popcorn in downtown Rochester, Minnesota, which he opened in November 2022.

“I never knew I wanted to be in sales,” Tines said of his surprise occupation.

He started off majoring in computer science at college, and completed about a year of those studies before realizing it wasn’t his thing. “I didn’t like it,” he said. “I like speaking to people, I like human interaction. I talked to the counselors and they pointed me to mass communications.”

After his college graduation, Tines worked in a few jobs before signing the lease for Popus Gourmet Popcorn on July 30, 2022. His cousin had opened such a retailer in Illinois in 2016, and Tines had a hunch the business would do well in his hometown of Rochester as well.

“I dove in head first,” he said. “It was a crazy journey, a big learning experience.”

The shop’s opening date was pushed back from September to November as Tines overcame challenge after challenge during the build-out phase of his popcorn business.

“You can’t pick up a hammer in Rochester until you have a permit,” he remembers. He also had trouble finding popcorn equipment, and was sourcing from around the country “piecing things together,” he said. “With your back up against the wall, you are going to get creative.”

He soon realized how important a team is, as December – his second month in business – shaped up to be his highest grossing month for sales. During his first December, Tines said he was in the popcorn shop until 2:30 a.m. bagging popcorn with family and close friends.

Around this time he read the book “Profit First” and it changed his life, he said. “It completely changed how I look at business,” he said. “I looked at the bottom line and I started cutting down on anything that didn’t affect quality and service. I don’t need to pay someone $1,000 a month to do SEO. I take the profit out first and what is left over, is what we have to spend on marketing.”

Another challenge in his business has been escalating cheese prices. He said he’s working on a solution, which might be contracting with a Wisconsin farm to produce cheese for all the popcorn made between the family’s popcorn shops in Rochester and Illinois.

As for customers, Tines has been pleasantly surprised to find that 60 to 65 percent of sales are from Mayo Clinic visitors who are spending time in Rochester for medical care. They then fall in love with the product, and place online orders once they’re back at home, he said.

“We have to be down here,” Tines said of locating his new business in downtown Rochester. “We just have to be where people are walking around. And I didn’t realize how big online traffic would be, that’s new to me. But I’m obviously very happy with it.”

Popus Popcorn is open Monday through Sunday from 11 a.m. to 8 p.m. They have 50 flavors of popcorn, with a record of mixed flavors being 14 in a bag. Tines’s fave is Oreo because he loves Oreo cookies, and a newer flavor he likes is root beer float.

“You can taste the fizziness in the popcorn,” he said. “A lot of people are hesitant about banana pudding. Then they try it and they like it. It happens to be one of our top 15 sellers.”

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Commercial real estate take-aways from those in the know

When Matt Gove was a kid, he went pheasant hunting on the outskirts of Rochester.

The place? What is now West Circle Drive, where commercial real estate has gone through the roof. Way back then, which is about 30 years ago, no one saw that surge coming, Gove said.

“I don’t think anybody would have jumped on that at the time,” said the licensed real estate salesperson with Realty Growth Inc. “Location is vitally important. But is it everything? I think that might be a trick question. I think it’s a big piece of the pie, an important piece.”

Gove and his colleagues Robert “Bucky” Beeman and Nick Pompeain discussed trends within commercial real estate in the Rochester market at present, and came away with these insights.

Q: What are the trends in commercial real estate right now?

Gove: There is still a lot of interest, a lot of hardworking, entrepreneurial spirits looking to start a business, get into a business or expand a business. Things have been difficult with rising interest rates to make these deals happen. Things have slowed down. But I’d preface that with there is still a lot of opportunity and great things happening, maybe just at a slower pace.

Beeman: We are seeing continued interest in West Circle Drive development. It seems like that’s been a trend for a couple of years.

Pompeian: We’re still getting transactions done. It’s just taking a bit more time. The rates are very volatile right now. It’s just taken a little more time to get transactions done and financed. There is still interest in the market, especially if you look at Rochester as a whole.

Q: Is location everything?

Gove: Location is very important. That said, I don’t think anybody has a crystal ball to tell the future.

Beeman: Location is a big portion, but with the right concepts and right operators people will go out of their way to try something that may be unique that they haven’t seen before. With the right location, it just increases the odds of a business owner’s success.

Pompeian: The focus is still on downtown and West Circle Drive. People want to be where people are. Then again, if you have something people want, they will find you. Location does help. It’s not everything but, yes, it does play a large role.

Q: What’s happening downtown?

Gove: Downtown is struggling, yet I think it’s gone through some troubling times, Covid being the biggest, and when you don’t have people it hurts every business. Downtown Rochester is a sleeping opportunity that will shine bright again. When and how, remains to be determined.


Beeman: I think we’re just going through a time where we have more vacancy downtown than I’ve seen in my lifetime. It’s hard to imagine changing spaces into something new.

Pompeian: There will be a resurgence. Everything is cyclical. This has happened time and time again, and something comes along to cause a renaissance. Ten years ago downtown was really hopping. It was lively. We will see a resurgence. It just takes time.

Q: What does the Rochester market have a lot of?

Pompeian: We have a lot of apartments, hotels, a lot of offices. Retail has had a pretty strong resurgence of retail industry following Covid. Are there vacancies? Yes, but not to the extent to what people were thinking. The pandemic really forced people to change the way they do business. I still feel there will be a need for an office of some sort. There will always be a need.

Beeman: Office space downtown. We also have a lot of banks and coffee shops.

Q: What is missing for commercial real estate in Rochester?

Pompeian: Rochester is an amazing city. What it’s missing is a loaded question and a difficult one to answer. We are missing entertainment options. Why don’t we have a national museum of health or medicine? I’ve wondered why we haven’t been able to get Broadway shows. And shopping, what about shopping? I always thought an REI or a Duluth Trading Co. would bring people back downtown. So would having a movie theater again. But if we truly want more entertainment, more restaurants, or whatever it is, we as a community need to support that.

Beeman: We are seeing a continued demand in what I’ll define as flexible space. This can be seen as a warehouse type of space, a unique thing as it can be used for many types of businesses from a contractor to a more active use such as a gymnastics studio. We lack in this area, and a lot of users have asked for that type of large, flexible, warehouse space. They want a blank shell.

Q: What type of businesses are coming into our market?

Beeman: We’re seeing a fair amount of restaurant inquiries. And a reasonable amount of interest from daycares and autism centers. We’re seeing pet concepts; there’s a need for those services.

Q: What didn’t we ask that is important to include:

Gove: It’s a tougher time but that doesn’t mean there isn’t opportunity and room for growth. It’s a little bit harder, you have to work a bit harder, look harder and be more patient. That’s the biggest take-away, maybe it’s a little tougher but there’s still opportunity and people who want to do things. The drive is still strong in the market of commercial real estate.

Pompeian: We’re in a very exciting time and Rochester has always been kind of insulated and in its own real estate bubble if you will. Interest and talk continues. I feel we are truly a resilient community and real estate here will be continually looked at and studied. There will be interest. I’m very optimistic. Despite rising rates, we’re remained fairly health real estate wise. I’m excited for the future. I’m excited for what’s to come.

If you would like to learn more about the Real Estate market please do not hesitate to reach out to the Realty Growth Inc team. You can find out more at www.rgi-group.com or by calling 507-951-7130

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Thursday’s Downtown roars into and out of downtown weekly

Is it egg rolls you seek? Or flavored marshmallows? Whatever you crave, you can find it among the food vendors at Thursday’s Downtown, a weekly outdoor festival held downtown.

Two stages flank the event, and dozens of food vendors line the street. You’ll also find a ton of artisan wares here, ranging from jewelry to wooden toys and goat milk soap.

Deanna King of DK Wood Toys and 269 Design, of Sparta, Wisconsin, loves selling at Thursday’s Downtown, saying she’s been a vendor there for the past eight years.

“We have a good show here,” she said.

She sells handmade wooden toys, including trains, boats, and trucks as part of DK Wood Toys and then sells personalized items by way of spoons, cutting boards and mugs, and cups.

Down the block from King is Morgahn Mulholland, who operates under the business name of Morgs Mallows Based in Winona, she’s a second-generation Thursday’s vendor, taking over from her mom the recipes for flavored marshmallows and being so popular she’s sold out of all of her marshmallow snacks two weeks running at Thursday’s Downtown.

Mulholland has 27 flavors of marshmallows and is in her first year at Thursdays.

Twenty years ago, at age 4, Mulholland followed around her mom at Thursday’s Downtown, who at that time had nine flavors of marshmallows. The best-seller now is S’mores.

“You’ve got a campfire right at home,” Mulholland said of the tasty treat.

Charlene Vantassel lives in Arizona but summers in Minnesota, and enjoys selling her handmade jewelry at Thursday’s Downtown. Her business is This n That Gypsies.

She sells bracelets, necklaces, and earrings, among other pieces.

“It’s my first year here and I love it,” Vantassel said. “You get to meet people from all over the world. I have very good sales, and am very happy here.”

Just a ways away from This n That Gypsies is Simple Soaps For Simple Folks, which is a goat milk soap business hailing from local burb Byron, Minnesota.


Owner Shanna McCann might be the elder here at Thursday’s, having been a vendor here for 13 years. She said Mayo Clinic patients like finding small, easy items like soap to bring home, which helps her business.

Photo by RDA

McCann has 45 types of soap, along with soap savers, lip balms and solid hand lotions.


During her years selling at Thursday’s, McCann has noticed the street fair change over from a primarily artisan marketplace to a music- and food-focused venue. But artisan vendors still do well here.


“The event has shifted,” she said. “Now there’s more focus on food vendors and music, whereas before it was primarily based on quality artisan vendors. But I love being here.”

Thursday’s Downtown runs from 11 a.m. to 8:30 p.m. each Thursday during the summer. But be aware, there are only two Thursday’s Downtown left this season, as it winds down mid August.

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A chance to own your very own! Cheers!

Trout City Brewing For Sale!


Some people dream of frequenting their very own Cheers. Others dream of owning it.


For those who dream of owning their very own Cheers, your time has come. Trout City Brewing in Preston, Minnesota, is for sale and is located smack dab in the middle of trout fishing country.


The town of Preston is home to 1,300 people and bills itself as “Minnesota’s Trout Capital,” sporting an eye-catching 20-foot-long trout statue along Highway 16. The river is rated in the Top 100 Trout Streams in the U.S. and supports populations of Brown Trout and Rainbow Trout. The brewery’s founders name their brewpub Trout City as a nod to the great trout fishing locally.


And when you walk into the brewery, you might forget you’re in small-town Minnesota, one of its owners said. Indeed, you might feel you’ve relocated to a bustling metropolis.


The building was formerly a bank but was extensively renovated into the brewpub a few years back. “Everybody knows everybody,” said an owner. “It’s a great, welcoming community.”


“It’s a place to come and unwind,” one regular said. “It’s Preston’s own little Cheers.”


Andy and Anita Bisek fell in love with the ancient building, constructed in 1889, and wanted to make sure it was saved, according to an article printed in the Fillmore County Journal.


“We saw the sign in the window, we called the realtor and asked if we could take a look at it,” Anita said. “We walked in and we both went, ‘Oh my gosh, this building is amazing,’” she explained. “We fell in love with the building,” she went on.


The couple purchased the building in the spring of 2018, with Andy saying their goal was to “breathe new life into it,” according to the Journal article published at the time.


“Once we purchased the building for renovation, then we started asking ourselves, ‘Now what is going to happen to it?’ and that’s when we came up with the idea of a brewpub,” Andy said.


“We thought this would make a really nice brewpub, it’s just so pretty,” Anita commented.


They made extensive renovations, but maintained the history of the building, Anita said.


The 130-year-old building, which was most recently used as an antique shop before the brewery came to be, was originally built as a bank. One of the restrooms was located in the former bank’s old 1880s safe, according to the Fillmore County Journal report.


Included in the property are beautiful transom stained glass windows, which emit a warm and inviting light that shines down on customers while they admire the fireplace, high ceilings and original woodwork. The ceiling in the beer hall came from Michael’s Restaurant in Rochester, as did some of the wood seen throughout Trout City Brewing. You’ll definitely enjoy the architecture here.


Anita said their goal with renovating the space was to make people “feel at home.”


It worked! Now regulars call it their very own Cheers, where everyone knows your name.


In 2021 Craig and Vickie Hildestad moved from Florida to purchase Trout City Brewery from Andy and Anita Bisek. The time had come that new owners would bring fresh ideas and food to the established business. Upon purchasing the business and building the Bisek’s stayed to help with training for a short period of time. The new owners were ready to take the Trout city brewery concept and continually add onto the momentum. In the last two years Craig and Vickie have not only expanded the business’s offerings but they have decided to reside in Preston and make it home. The upstairs apartments makes living very comfortable and convenient for the couple. Vickie is trained in culinary arts and has added some great items and equipment to the building.


After two years the owners Craig and Vickie are looking to continue offering the improved building and business to anyone that would like to expand the establishment for years to come. 


The Hildestad’s have enjoyed the opportunity that Andy and Anita Bisek have provided to them and want to find someone that will continue the momentum of a well respected brand in the community. 


If you’re interested in being the new owner of Trout City Brewing, contact Gunnar Grimsrud, licensed real estate advisor at Realty Growth Inc., at 507-289-1799 or gunnar@rgi-group.com.

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Growing up in Rochester Justin Collopy

Justin Collopy grew up here, went to high school here, and decided Rochester is where he wanted to be as an adult and grow a lovely family within the community. Justin has called home since his childhood. 

“I grew up in Rochester,” he said. “It’s where my family is at, it’s where a lot of my friends are at and it’s just where I want to continue to be.” He graduated from Century High School in 2008.

Collopy went on to get a two-year degree in nursing from Rochester Community & Technical College. Then he went to Augsburg University for a bachelor’s in nursing and subsequently went to Walden University, both in the Twin Cities, for a master’s in nursing with an education focus.

He finished his master’s and landed a job at Rochester’s world-famous Hospital, where he’s a nurse in the radiology department. After years of dedication to this great employer, he has decided to pursue his passion for Real Estate. This passion started many years ago. The pursuit of a new career seriously started in 2022 when he reconnected with his high school classmate Bucky Beeman. The conversations lead to Justin deciding to trim down on his hours at the hospital to start pursuing a career in Commercial Real Estate. 

Renee Berg had a conversation with Justin to learn more about his career change.

Q: You’ll be going full-time with RGI, right away?

A: No. In conversations with my family and the RGI team, I want to ease into it over time. In time I want to build clientele and market knowledge, down the road I will be full-time when the timing is right. 

Q: What sparked your interest in this career change?

A: For me it has been about personal growth and self-fulfillment. I’ve always had this entrepreneurial spirit within me and I’ve always wanted to start my own business. I love nursing and get lots of self fulfillment there from taking care of people. But I see real estate sales helping lead to my family and I having the life that will be for us the most fulfilled, in talking to my wife about what that looks like, I decided to join the RGI team. The continued passion of helping people I see being accomplished in the ways we help individuals reach goals in Real Estate and business. 

Q: What do you love about RGI?

A: The teamwork aspect. Absolutely love that. We bounce ideas off each other all the time. I think that’s something that is going to grow into a solid team. I feel comfortable jumping in and doing something like that instead of jumping into something myself. It’s a small but absolutely mighty team and I love being a part of that energy and growth.

Q: What’s your official title with RGI?

A: Real estate agent. RGI is mostly focused on commercial real estate, but can do residential as well. It has been fascinating to learn about all the different aspects of real estate and I see many ways I can pursue the career that fits me best. 

Q: Outside of work, how do you spend your spare time?

A: A lot of hiking, a lot of kayaking. My big thing is to make sure I spend as much time as I can with my family. With my wife Ellen and our daughter.

Q: What’s your favorite food?

A: I love any Greek food. I love Nupa. I usually go to the north one.

Q: What’s your favorite movie?

A: “Emperor’s New Groove,” it’s an older one, maybe 20 years old. My brothers and I watched it together growing up and now my wife and I watch it together.

Q: What’s your favorite game?

A: We play Presidents a lot with my friend group.

Q: What do you like about some of the team members at RGI ?

A: Bucky has been amazing in welcoming me in. He has the biggest dreams and wants to see Rochester succeed. He is incredible at being a leader just by being who he is. I appreciate his calm demeanor, and that he’s accepting of everyone and listens. He does great. He’s fantastic. Nick has been very gracious with helping share his insight of what has lead to a successful career for him and his family. I will be seeking advice from Nick and Bucky often to help set up my career for the best path as possible. I’m just getting to know others on the team and I have enjoyed getting to know the marketing team, real estate agents, and property management team. 

Q: What didn’t we ask that you’d like people to know about you?

A: I want to bring in companies to Rochester that are family oriented. I know when I was in my early 20s, there wasn’t as much to do here as in other cities. I want to bring that life here to Rochester as well. Bring in different things for our children to take part of. It’s been great to learn how someone in my position can help recruit business owners to open a brand new concept in Rochester. 

Q: Can you give me an example?

A: Can Can Wonderland in the Twin Cities is a fantastic area for families. It caters to kids and adults, and is something I would love to bring down here to Rochester. It’s an entertainment facility and it’s got a lot of options there. If we could get them down here in Rochester, I think that’s something that the community could definitely use.

As Justin starts building his career be sure to follow him on TikTok as he shares about his real estate journey. You will find Justin sharing great videos on this platform and others to help those interested learn more about the commercial real estate industry. 

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‘It’s not like HGTV,’ cautions Peak Remodel & Design Solutions co-owner

Brandon Miller wants you to know: it’s not like HGTV.

He’s talking about his job as a general contractor with Peak Remodel & Design Solutions of Rochester, which he co-owns with his brother Gary Miller.

But even though their work isn’t like what you see on TV, it’s still robust and interesting.

“It’s remodeling so anything goes,” Brandon Miller said. “Anything can happen. There’s always adventures. You never know what you’re opening up.”

Miller sometimes finds himself playing the role of psychologist and, other times, as marriage counselor when he’s working on a home remodel with clients. And that’s OK, he said.

The Miller brothers launched Peak in 2017, and it was their second go-round at starting their own business. The first, a roofing company, lasted four years before folding.

This time around, things would be different, they decided. They had far more experience working for a Twin Cities contractor, Mike Sowers, and knew every aspect of the business.

And indeed, this time it has been different. Since 2017, they’ve expanded several times, with growth seen in their physical office space, employees and clients. They are now in a 14,000-square-foot office in Pine Island, and have grown from four employees to 35.

They work with multiple subcontractors too, and do about 300 jobs a year, Miller said.

What’s on their agenda? Everything from roofing, siding, windows, decks, sunrooms, additions and bathrooms. Miller likes to say they do anything except landscaping and home construction.

The brothers are 50/50 business partners and their rule is, “If we don’t agree on it, we don’t do it,” Brandon Miller said. “And it works out pretty well for us.”

With their business, Brandon Miller said they wanted “complete control,” and to guarantee that they would have one of their own Peak employees on every job site.

“It’s a transformational experience when you go to remodel your home,” he said. “We wanted to offer more of that transformational experience for our customers.”

They haven’t “made it” yet, Brandon Miller said, adding that they’re “always working toward the next checkpoint. We’re always changing things, and customers are changing. Interest rates are changing, ways people pay for projects are changing. We’ve made it isn’t something we say.”

“We feel good about what we’re doing,” he went on. “But we know we can always be better.”

He gauges their success based on how smoothly projects run, and feels they’ve been successful when they move a project from start to finish with happy customers.

For other, new entrepreneurs, Brandon Miller cautions there will be good days and bad days. He likens owning and growing a business to a relationship, saying it matures and takes hard work.

“Anything worth doing takes hard work,” he said. “That’s the best though.”

And while he loves his remodeling work, Brandon Miller said the bigger reward for him is running a business and watching his employees grow.

“Roofing, siding and remodels are great, and I enjoy them,” he said, “but I wouldn’t be happy just being the guy out there doing that. I like watching people grow and evolve. I like managing a team, helping them through hard times and seeing them when they get big wins.”

As for the “hammer and nail side” of things, Miller said there’s joy to be found there as well.

“It’s the same concept,” he said. “I love looking at a house that’s in distress. It hasn’t been taken care of, and making it beautiful again and helping people love their home again.”

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Two Men and a Truck takes off in Rochester

Rochester’s Two Men and a Truck got its start in 2014 with six employees and a couple of trucks. Now the franchise employs 45, and has grown its truck fleet to 11.


“I think people choose us over other movers because of our reputation,” said Mike Reps, co-owner of the local Two Men and a Truck business. “They know what our reputation has been built on, and they know they’ll get an excellent experience when they call us.”


The latest news for the company is that they moved from their previous location at 6047 Rome Circle NW to its new location at 1814 15th St. NW, which is near Colonial Lanes.


And while they’ve added employees and trucks throughout their many years in business, Two Men and a Truck has grown in other ways too. The company has always done moving, packing and unpacking but has added storage and non-expedited shipping and junk removal to its roster.


“Our motto is moving people forward,” Reps said. “We are the experts in taking the stress out of moving. We’re a customer service-based moving company. We can do it all.”


Two Men and a Truck is the only local mover to offer both expedited and non-expedited shipping options. “Everyone else is either one or the other, but not both,” he said.


It seems to be working. The company does about 3,500 moves a year, with their crunch season being from April 15 to September 15, which mirrors the busy season for real estate.


But the company does more than move people. Reps said one of the company’s core values is giving back to the community and, to that end, in the last year they gave away about $30,000 worth of moving services to people who couldn’t afford to hire movers.


Two Men and a Truck also does “Movers for Moms,” whereby they set up donation bins around town and collect donated items for single women in the local women’s shelter. Reps said they do this because the founder of Two Men and a Truck, Mary Ellen Sheets, was a single mom.


Another reason consumers choose Rochester’s Two Men and a Truck, Reps said, is because their employees are trustworthy. All pass background checks before stepping foot into a home.


Reps said, for them, no move is too big or too small, and they handle residential moves as well as commercial moves. He said they’ve seen an uptick in moves in recent years.


“Pre-Covid we were doing 2,800 moves and then each year, we grew a little bit,” Reps said. “I equate Covid with the hot real estate market, at least in my mind.”


Reps knows they’re making an impact because they’ve trained three employees who went on to move to a new community and start their own Two Men and a Truck franchise businesses.


“We’re just thankful for the community support,” he said of Two Men and a Truck in Rochester. “We want to give back to the community in every way possible. Our core purpose is moving people forward. That’s our secret sauce.We try to live out that core purpose every day.”


Two Men and a Truck Thursday Market Update

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Skare Spine & Performance gets up and running in Rochester

Nate Skare of Spring Valley wishes there’d been someone like him around when he was younger.

As a high school and college athlete, the 27-year-old had some “weird injuries,” he said, and having a specialist chiropractor as he is now would have been very helpful.

“I’ve never seen anyone who offered the care I offer,” the owner of Skare Spine & Performance in Rochester said. “I’m offering everything I would have liked to have had as an athlete.”

A Spring Valley native and graduate of Chatfield High School, Skare was a three-sport athlete in high school and went on to play college football at Upper Iowa University, graduating in 2018.

In May he graduated from chiropractic school at Northwestern Health Sciences University in Bloomington, Minnesota, and immediately went on to open his own chiropractic firm.

He said business is starting to mount, and he’s exceeding his goals for new patients.

“It’s been going good,” Skare said. “Obviously starting from scratch, it’s slow to start but every week it’s been growing. I’m seeing the projected numbers I expected so that’s been good. My goal for May was 10 new patients and I had 12. And then for June my goal was 10 and I had 17.”

He offers far more than treatment for neck and back pain, which is what most chiropractors are known for, he said. His services are broader, and include standard treatments along with functional rehabilitation, soft tissue release, acupuncture and dry needling for those who need it.

Skare is located at 1615 Broadway Avenue, and is sandwiched between RC Nails and Tea Time in the strip mall that is also home to Glynner’s Pub. His office is 928 square feet.

Though he’s a new business owner, Skare said his experiences as an athlete pivoted him for success. “When I was playing sports, I was always trying to take ownership of my own career,” he said, “always trying to get better with camps, strength and conditioning.”

“It translates well to the business world,” he went on. “You get out of it what you put into it.”

Skare is working solo, but intends to hire an office manager in the coming year. He has already amassed a client roster of 45 and sees about 15 weekly. He plans to grow that to 75 a week.

Most chiropractors in the area are “standard adjustment and go,” he said. However, he seeks to make a name for himself by offering more services and longer appointments.

Two specialty areas he practices are dynamic neuromuscular stabilization and the McKenzie Method, which are unique and efficient approaches to chiropractic care.

“DNS allows Nate to improve function and decrease pain quickly, he said. “McKenzie is the quickest strike I have for pain. It’s also an assessment tool that’s been shown to be as reliable as an X-ray or MRI for diagnosing the source of the pain.”

When it comes to making a splash in the Rochester market, Skare said he is relying on social media to spread the word about his new business. He also joined the Rochester Chamber of Commerce and is trying to offer more talks like the one he has coming up at 125 Live.

Skare said he chose Rochester as his business location because he wanted to return to southeastern Minnesota and thinks our city has the best opportunity for growth.

“I offer unique care, and that’s going to help me stand out and help as many people as possible,” he said. He said he intends to “stick with the plan and keep working.”

He loves being able to help people and see a change in their pain, or in their lifestyle, after he treats them. Taking someone who is frustrated with their pain, or not being able to do what they want to do, and seeing them get back to their activities is a key job perk for him, Skare said.

He also enjoys helping athletes reach their goals and set new personal records.

Down the road, he’d like to grow and have a full staff of ten practitioners. “I want to be able to treat anything that walks in my door, basically,” Skare said.


Skare Spine & Performance Thursday Market Update

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“Good Morning Newsletter” Volume 23 + Monthly Newsletter

Realty Growth Incorporated Good Morning Newsletter

Summertime is officially here, and I hope this email finds you well and enjoying the beautiful weather! Although we could use some rain, the sunshine is very welcoming after what was a rainy spring. 

Here at Realty Growth, we are happy to see summer as well. Like the weather, we are happy that sunnier days are ahead as we have seen an uptick in interest recently. Perhaps this is due to the Mayo Clinic making their recent announcement on their growth in Rochester, but we also historically see this time as being one that is busy. Like many, we continue to pay attention to the feds and what is going on with interest rates as this does have a direct effect on property values. 

Another exciting thing that happened is that we were featured on the front page of the Post Bulletin, as well as featured as the cover story for the Pulse Magazine. This was a true honor for us and is proof that with hard work, dedication, and a growth mindset anything is possible. 

It is a very exciting time at Realty Growth, and we look forward to continuing to share this with you all. The best way to do so is by following us on Facebook, Instagram, and Youtube, and listening to our podcasts on Spotify. This is an easy way to stay up to date on the latest trends and local updates in real estate, as well as continue to be a part of our team. Also, if you or you know of anyone who would be interested in being on our podcast or featured as a small business, please contact us as we would love to have you! 

As always, thank you for all you do and for being a part of our journey. If there are any questions or interest in real estate, please do not hesitate to reach out to us.

All the best, 

Nick Pompeian, Owner and Broker of Realty Growth, Inc. 


Click here to read the full Realty Growth Newsletter for June 2023

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Klassen, the business advisor for Transworld Business Advisors in Minnesota and Des Moines, is a business broker.

Josh Klassen likes to say that instead of getting a business and entrepreneurship college degree, he should’ve gone to school for psychology. In his line of work, he gets plenty of practice.


Klassen, the business advisor for Transworld Business Advisors in Minnesota and Des Moines, is a business broker. The franchise he works for is the largest business brokerage in the world.


As he’s connecting business buyers and sellers, Klassen finds himself talking long-time, now retiring, business owners through the emotions involved with shifting their ownership to a buyer.


“It’s not a knock toward business owners,” he said. “They have blood, sweat and tears, and many, many years spent in shaping their business. It’s very emotional.”


“We understand that. There is some hand holding involved, in a good way. There’s always emotions but also always a solution. Some sellers have invested 60 years into their business.”


The world of business sales is different than the housing market, whereby buyers can go online and find out what’s available for sale in their community. Klassen’s chief goal is to “confidentially” sell small- to mid-sized businesses. Discretion is required as, often, sellers aren’t quite ready to announce the sale to employees or to the community where they’re toiling.


Currently his firm has as many as 60 to 70 businesses throughout Minnesota and Iowa for sale. The most attractive businesses to buyers are those with “positive cash flow,” Klassen said.


“You’ll hear this time and time again,” he remarked. “Every buyer who comes through our door is looking for a business with a good history. That might be good Google reviews, or a good standing in their community. Rochester is a big, small town. If the business has a rough name in a community sometimes that makes it more difficult to sell. There’s a lot of factors that go into it. Any business that has a good quality cash flow, let’s say $200,000 or higher, will get activity.”


At present hot commodities in the business brokerage world are manufacturing businesses, service-based businesses such as HVAC, plumbing and electrical. Popularity of construction firms tends to ebb and flow, Klassen said, with them being very hot a few years ago.


“Now, with the economy, it’s a little bit less sought after, but there’s still good business out there,” he said. A recent listing for his brokerage is a southeastern Minnesota lawn care and snow removal company, which Klassen said is currently listed for $1.6 million. It comes with a hefty supply of equipment and the enticement of lucrative contracts in place.


Harder to unload are bars and restaurants, which have the highest turn-over rate in the industry. “But who doesn’t want to own a bar?” Klassen asked.


And here too, if cash flow is positive, he’ll find buyers for those businesses.


He also enjoys connecting people, such as the retirees selling a Wisconsin credit card processing company, with the new, younger buyers in their 30s taking over. “They’re looking at good growth and are very excited for the future of the company,” Klassen said.


All in all, the state of business brokerages is healthy, he said, with many businesses rebounding from the Covid-19 era. “It’s not so much about how they got hit, but how they came out of it,” he said. “How did they recover and how did they do in 2021 and 2022?”


Interest rates may be rising and the cost of debt is increasing as well, but there’s still a “huge amount of money out in the market,” he said. “Whether that’s private equity investment funds or individuals looking to diversify their business portfolio.”


“I continue to be surprised with the amount of activity we have,” Klassen said. “We get plenty of inquiries on businesses we list confidentially, and, if there is good cash flow the buyers are there. So we continue to see a strong market. There’s a lot of work on our end to make sure, when pricing the business, that we’re still getting that buyer inquiry to create a successful sale.”

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Shurson Group never plateaus, always growing in Rochester

For Kayla Shurson, a career turning point for her came when she hired a business coach.

Just carving out an hour a week, every week, to meet with her coach was daunting, Shurson said. But she’s so glad she did, as working in tandem with her coach helped her delegate tasks.

She’d started at the Shurson Group when it was Lund Tax & Accounting, under then owner Diane Lund. And way back then, Shurson greeted every customer as they walked in the door.

Years later, having bought the business, Shurson needed to figure out how to parcel out the work load so everything could get done in a timely manner.

“I started with Diane in 2014, 2020 is when I bought the business, 2021 is when we moved, 2022 is when we did a business rebrand,” she said. “We’ve never plateaued. We’re always growing.”

Her rebranding is when she renamed the business Shurson Group, and it gave her pause to put her name on the business. Over time, she became more comfortable with the concept.

In fact, when she first told family and friends that she was buying Lund Accounting, they didn’t quite understand that she’d take over as sole proprietor. Once they understood, they were in awe.

“You’re so young,” is what Shurson said she heard from folks about her becoming a business owner. But Lund promised to be a phone call away, and Shurson decided she felt ready.

“I’ll figure it out,” she said she thought at the time. “It’s not a problem.”

Shurson was Lund’s first full-time hire and the firm has now grown to 14 employees.

“Sometimes you have to take a leap of faith and trust the work will come in,” she said of Shurson Group’s expansion to more than a dozen staffers. She took that leap of faith both when it was time to move to a bigger – and more expensive – office space, and in adding employees.

It’s all a far cry from where Shurson began as a student at Winona State University. She majored in accounting, and her first job out of college was at a bank. Her next job was for Lund.

Shurson said “it’s not what you know, it’s who you know,” as she had insiders for both jobs. She knew someone who worked at the bank, and her dad had worked with Lund’s husband at IBM.

“I didn’t know what I wanted to do in life,” she recalls of her college days. “I knew I liked business and I knew I liked numbers. From there, that led me to accounting.”

She calls her job with Lund her “first real accounting job,” and said it was a good fit from the start. “The opportunity arose, and it seemed like a good fit,” she said.

The business has grown through referrals and word of mouth.

“I never pictured myself as a business owner,” Shurson said. “Diane just planted the seed.”

She recalls talking to an attorney, financial advisor and bankers all in preparation for taking over Lund Accounting. She saw this feedback as “super validating,” she said. “They said ‘We definitely think this is a good opportunity for you. There are no red flags. Everything is good.’”

“I was like, OK, let’s do it,” Shurson said. “I think some people didn’t understand at first. They thought I was going to be a partner with Diane, or that I was going to manage it. No, I said, I’m buying the business. People were awe struck, to be honest. They were like, good for you.”

She had no idea how time consuming running a business and managing a team would be, she said, but with the help of her business coach, she has gradually been able to delegate tasks to her employees and settle more comfortably into the role of business owner.

“You just keep pressing forward,” Shurson said. “Then in June 2020 I got a business coach. I was just like, I need help. And fortunately I knew someone who was going into it.”

She literally had piles of work on her office floor and gradually, bit by bit, she and her coach worked through each pile and delegated what tasks they could to her Shurson Group staff.

“It helped me prioritize and time manage and delegate,” she said. “My thought was I need to work, work, work and get all of these things done. And I was so tied to the business owners. No one could do as good of a job as me, I thought at the time. But we broke it down, piece by piece, and finally got to the point where I had time for other things. It was so much better.”

“By no means is it ever figured out,” Shurson said. “It’s a work in progress. I’m in a group of female business owners I look up to, and they have the same sorts of issues. It’s a relief that I’m not the only one. It’s just life. It’s how it’s going to roll.”

“Give me a problem, and I will come up with a solution,” she said. “You just do it.”


Real Growth Podcast Ep 09 - Kayla Shurson of Shurson Group

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‘People are happy we’re doing something’

When you bring in a former Saturday Night Live comedian, you know you’ve made it.

Steve Patterson and Brian Miller, business partners and owners of Lansing Corner Bar & Grill in Austin, have created a popular entertainment venue by bringing in a variety of acts. From live music to comedy and car shows to cornhole leagues, this establishment has it going on.

“We have a unique opportunity to bring in different forms of entertainment,” Patterson said. “Like last Halloween, we did a murder mystery party that we could only do because we have this big event center attached to our restaurant. Chris Cattan from Saturday Night Live came out and did live comedy. That’s the biggest act we’ve had so far. And I’m in talks to bring in three more former Saturday Night Live cast members, hopefully sometime this winter.”

Patterson relocated to Austin for work and Miller commutes to Austin from Albert Lea. The partners bought Lansing Corners – which was formerly a supper club – and opened in 2021.

They decided to pivot and switch from a supper club to a bar and grill, taking into account what Patterson describes as a recession whereby people seek more affordable food options.

Their concept resonates with the community, they know, as they were recently nominated for seven “best of” business awards via the Austin Daily Herald. Among their nominations were for best burgers, wings, fries, Bloody Mary, bar, restaurant and place to play bingo, Patterson said.

Patterson and Miller met while working at a Kwik Trip in 2009. Years later, they sold cars together and in 2017 they decided they wanted to go into business for themselves.

They had plans to open a craft beer brewery in Rochester, but then Covid interrupted their plans. Later, Patterson and Miller realized they’d have better luck opening a business in Austin than in Rochester, Patterson said. In Austin they were able to buy an existing business and recreate it.

“What was taking us six years to do in Rochester, we did in about six weeks in Austin,” he said.

With such a big space of 14,000 square feet, they’re able to hold events including weddings, birthday parties, bingo and the aforementioned comedy shows. They also hold outdoor concerts.

As for their menu, they feature traditional bar food, Patterson said. Their best selling burger is the cheese curd bacon burger, which is a ½ pound paddy with cheddar, bacon and cheese curds.

“That’s been really popular,” he said. “It’s been a really good seller for us.”

On the weekends, they offer specials such as prime rib, and Friday night fish fries are held in the winter. Patterson said they’ve only had two negative reviews since opening, and tend to generate positive reviews on Facebook and Google.

“We’re profitable during what I consider a recession,” Patterson said. “We’ve still managed to be profitable through all of it. It’s taken a lot of work but we’re determined to keep Lansing Corners around for another several decades.”

“Most people say they’re just happy someone is doing something with the business,” he said. “Lansing Corners has been around since 1938. People are happy we’re doing something. They really appreciate the comedy shows we bring in and appreciate that we’re trying to create family-friendly events people can be a part of.”

Lansing Corners Bar & Grill is open Wednesday through Friday from 4 to 10 p.m., and on Saturday and Sunday from noon to 10 p.m. It’s located at 27017 US Highway 218 in Austin.

To see what upcoming events they’re hosting, go to lansingcorners.com.

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Car guy to open W.I.P Fitness near Apache Mall in Rochester

Allen Sanford doesn’t want others to feel as awkward and out of place as he did.

When Sanford first started his fitness journey, he remembers feeling totally lost when it came to what to wear, and what to do when he was at the gym. So his goal when he opens WIP Fitness this summer near Apache Mall in Rochester is to make sure it’s inviting for everyone.

“I want it to be a place where you don’t go, ‘Oh, I’ve got to go to the gym today,’” he said. “I want it to be, ‘I get to go to the gym today.’ I want them to look forward to seeing friends, to working out and getting their sweat on. I want people to look forward to going to the gym.”

WIP stands for Work In Progress, and Sanford said this applies to those who are new to the fitness world as well as to those who are veterans and looking for a new place to work out.

Sanford is currently a mechanic at Adamson Motors in Rochester, but will soon quit to make WIP Fitness his full-time, devoted occupation. He plans to offer strength training, cardio kickboxing and bungee fitness at WIP Fitness, and hopes to open sometime in July.

The bungee fitness option is unique to Rochester, and in fact isn’t available within 100 miles of Rochester, Sanford said. He likens it to a “bouncy house for adults.” He’ll start with 15 bungees and can have a total of 25 depending on demand, he said. “We’ll work our way up,” he said.

The bungees will hang on swivels from the ceiling and will rotate 360 degrees. “You will definitely leave with a smile on your face,” Sanford said. “It’s fun. And not to mention, you will burn anywhere from 600 to 900 calories a session.”

WIP Fitness will be located in the former Warner Stellian building, at 1318 Apache Dr. SW. The building there is 7,500 square feet with ample parking.

Sanford is a known commodity in the local fitness world as he’s been teaching kickboxing for nine years. He said there’s no “bad work out area in Rochester, but they all have a specialty.” Some focus on weights, others on cardio. WIP Fitness will offer a variety of work-outs.

He’ll host nine classes a day and is hiring 12 instructors. His biggest draw, he said, will definitely be his inclusive approach to working out in a comfortable, welcoming atmosphere.

“Sometimes when you come into a gym, they make you feel uncomfortable,” he said. “I’m going to have a zero tolerance policy for that. Leave negativity at the door. I want a true, fun experience when you come to my gym. The work-outs will be tough, but everything can be modified. If you’ve never worked out before I’ll have a modification for you.”

“When I first started working out, it was scary,” he went on. “I didn’t know what to do. I needed guidance. That’s what I want to give people if they’ve never done it before. Or if you’re seasoned and go to the gym daily, no matter where you are on your fitness journey, I can help.”

Sanford’s goal is to have around 200 members. As far as cost, he will offer a special for the first 100 joiners who will get their membership for $1,100 a year for life. After those initial 100 joiners, the regular price for those who join for a year will be $130 a month, $145 a month if you join for six months and $155 a month if you join month by month.

“This will be my full-time occupation,” he said. “I’m putting my attention into it to make sure my business is a success. I’m giving it my undivided attention.”

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How to attract eyeballs to your own market update

After seven years and 350 vlog posts, Bucky Beeman knows a thing or two about business.

Beeman has positioned himself as an influencer when it comes to commercial real estate, posting a weekly Thursday Market Update on his Realty Growth Inc. vlog. In his market update, he brings attention to businesses just opening, and those that are closing too.

He’s modeling his marketing after Gary Vee, a leading, nationally-known entrepreneur who documents his journey as a business owner. Beeman is Rochester’s Gary Vee, you could say.

“As I started to do it more, I ended up finding out I had a knack for knowing what was happening in the community,” Beeman said, “because I knew what was happening in the community of commercial real estate. Then I went on to create a consistent episode.”

“By committing to a day, it created a block in my schedule when I knew I had to go capture the business news I had seen from the last seven days in commercial real estate. That’s when I knew, that’s my day. I didn’t feel pressure all week to create content.”

For other commercial real estate experts who want to pivot as marketplace thought leaders, Beeman offers the following tips to get you to where he is with his Thursday Market Update.

First, grab your phone. Second, document your day. Beeman takes pictures of new business signs, and also interviews business owners and shares everything from changes in facades to renovations happening internally at a Rochester, Minnesota, business.

Gradually, he grew comfortable being in front of the camera, and also asking business owners to discuss their businesses on camera as well. Beeman got to know all the social media platforms. He started posting to Snapchat, Instagram, TikTok, LinkedIn and Facebook.

Over the years, Beeman has put more effort and time into editing his videos. Ultimately, his vlog posts lead to new business, he finds, as he’s more and more accessible to potential clients.

“There are so many people on so many different social media platforms,” he said. “The more accessible I can be, no matter where they are watching, they feel they can communicate with me about real estate or business-related questions. It’s an invitation to start a conversation.”

Beeman said his process is “ever evolving,” as social media channels change the way they present information to users. For a while, for example, LinkedIn had a story function. Then they didn’t. Now with the growth of TikTok, he has made it a point to post stories there as well.

Staying current with industry trends is what’s key, Beeman advises. Though social media trends change and prompt him to adapt, what’s consistent is his weekly Thursday Market Update.

People have come to rely on his weekly vlog, and he now even has business owners contacting him to ask if he’ll feature them on an upcoming Thursday Market Update episode.

“It helps me stay top of mind with people, when it comes to real estate topics and questions,” Beeman said. “The other main benefit is I enjoy documenting and telling stories. I really have fun sharing on film what people are doing in southeastern Minnesota for business.”

You can find him @buckybeeman on all of the social media channels.


Pick a platform that has a story function. Bucky prefers to use Snapchat as its the quickest way to capture pics and photos. You can use Instagram Stories or Facebook Stories as well. 

Go to the site of your choice that has an update. Such as  a new sign, new business, new exterior paint job, or a store that is closing. 

Within the app of your choice create a short video to share 

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Brad Vigesaa is the guy who brings the fun to Rochester.

Brad Vigesaa is the guy who brings the fun to Rochester.

Owner of Nerdin Out, Vigesaa’s store collection of good times includes new toys, comics, collectibles, video games, card games, and board games.

“A lot of people don’t realize we offer some of that stuff,” he said.

“It just kind of came about,” Vigesaa said of his 6,000-square-foot shop at 1802 2nd St. SW. “I was always into this type of stuff. I just decided this was something I wanted to give Rochester, because it wasn’t here and I had a passion for it. When you have that passion, it makes it easier.”

Nerdin Out is open from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. Monday through Thursday, from 10 a.m. to 9 p.m. on Friday and Saturday and from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. on Sunday.

Vigesaa opened the business on Elton Hills Drive in 2017 and then moved the retailer to its present location in 2019. Business is good, he says, with the shopper demographic being fairly expansive; including kids looking for Pokemon cards to grandparents searching for collectibles.

Previously, the Faribault native was in the car business as a finance manager and a sales manager. Working for others made him realize he could “do more,” Vigesaa said.

He gauges his success by how well the community responds to what he offers.

“Our success is only good as what our community gives back to us,” he said. “We really try to involve ourselves in the community of Rochester.”

Aside from of what he stocks at Nerdin Out, Vigesaa has increased the fun barometer by bringing a Comic Con to the city, which will be held Oct. 6-8 at Mayo Civic Center. Last year the event drew 3,000 people and this year he expects as many as 4,000 to 5,000, Vigesaa said.

Present at Comic Con are TV stars, cos players, vendors and more all, combining into a “big pop culture event for people to enjoy, since we don’t have a ton of events in the city,” he said.

The event draws people from throughout the midwest, including Iowa, Wisconsin and South Dakota. “We get people from far away,” Vigesaa said, to visit their more than 60 vendors.

What’s more, in June, he’s partnering with the Rochester Honkers baseball team to be the main sponsor for a Comic Book Night, where they’ll donate 200 comics to game attendees.

Vigesaa hasn’t franchised his business but does own a second location in Inver Grove Heights. Between the two store locations, he employs 11 people.

At Nerdin Out, you can find everything from a 50 cent sticker to a $1,000 statue.

“Honestly, every day is an adventure,” Vigesaa said. “It’s really fun to meet all the people who enjoy this. The greatest thing is making relationships and getting to know people.”

For others who have a desire to get into business for themselves, Vigesaa cautions that doing the research at the outset is important, and networking with entrepreneurs is also critical.

“You definitely have to have a certain make-up,” he said. “It takes a lot of energy and time.”

He enjoys offering a child-like experience to his customers, but said his business isn’t a dream come true just yet. “It’s great, but I strive to bring more. Do more,” he said.


Click here to watch the Real Growth Podcast featuring Brad Vigesaa 

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Dynamic duo to open region’s first dog sanctuary

Talk about being married to your work.

Laura Martin and Allison Kocak, of Companion Acres in Rochester, are planning to launch a non-profit operation geared at supporting shelter dogs to ultimately end the cycle of the returns. The nonprofit is called Companion Homestead and will include a dog sanctuary where the Martin family will live.


The dynamic duo hopes to open their dog sanctuary by 2027 and are raising funds to do so.


“Sanctuaries, in general, aren’t found very often,” Martin said. “In southeast Minnesota, there are no sanctuaries solely for dogs.”


She said at Paws and Claws Humane Society in Rochester, 49 dogs were adopted from PCHS and then returned in a year’s time. That figure doesn’t reflect dogs who have been surrendered by their owner.


“The overall mission is to support shelter dogs and their families, specifically the dogs with behavioral or health needs,” Kocak said. “With humans, when there are behavioral or medical issues, there are support groups and community support,” she said. “When you have a dog who has behavioral issues or medical issues, there’s just shame and judgment.” 


One piece of the nonprofit will be community outreach. The outreach program will provide support via education, funding, and/or networking to a family who has adopted a higher needs dog.” Kocak said there’s a lack of community for people who have a high-needs dog. The outreach will provide not only resources but also that community that is so desperately needed. 


When education and outreach are not an option or have been exhausted, that’s where the Sanctuary piece of the mission comes into play. The Sanctuary is for those dogs, along with dogs who have been in the system for a long time, and who don’t have a high probability of finding/thriving in a forever adoptive home. However, the Sanctuary is the forever home, meaning the dogs will not be up for adoption. “The dogs who come to our sanctuary are not for adoption, because they’re home,” Kocak said. “The Sanctuary will be the final home for dogs who come in as residents.”


They hope to find a property near Olmsted County that is 10 acres or more. They’ll devote a parcel of the land for the current business, Companion Acres, and the remaining acreage for the sanctuary, Companion Homestead.


Companion Homestead will be a smaller sanctuary, housing 12 to 24 dogs. “Our goal is to have 12 10-by-10-foot indoor rooms that will house each dog,” Kocak said. “There will be some dogs that are dog selective, so they will have the opportunity to socialize, and even possibly have a roommate in their living space.”


“There are some that absolutely cannot be with other dogs, so they will go from their 10-by-10 room to play outside, go for a walk or whatever will bring them joy,” Kocak said. “Then they will return to their space without interacting with any other dogs.”


The Sanctuary dogs will be able to spend as much time as possible outside. Kocak said they want the dogs to have the chance to travel and sniff, romp and gallup in nature. “Being outside is so important for dogs,” she said. “And so is exercise and sunlight.”


Martin and Kocak’s new nonprofit will begin providing community outreach programming next year, with a $2,000 fundraising goal. Within the next five years, the  fundraising goal will be $80,000 to go towards building the Sanctuary.


The dynamic duo have started the fundraising process by collecting aluminum cans, but in the future will have various events: dog shows, plant sales, and most excitingly, the ability to financially sponsor a dog.


There’s nothing like Companion Homestead Dog Sanctuary in southeast Minnesota, and “We are thrilled to welcome it to the community!”- Martin and Kocak

Real Growth Podcast Ep 07 - Allison Kocak of Companion Acres

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Companion Acres Thursday Market Update in Rochester

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